Smutbase provides a wide range of ready to use character models. Now start learning about the tools they were made for. This section will contain tutorials for Blender, Maya, Cinema4D or just about anything else. All contributed by our wonderful user community.

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3D Max - Bake sub-division on model while retaining sub-division skin data

Blender - Play with SFM Models

Blender Compositor Tutorial - Introduction.

Blender - Play with XPS Models

Blender - Common Mistakes & Tips

Ninja Ripper - Rip Your Favorite 3D Game Character Models [FREE]

Blender Guide - Rigging and Weight Painting

7 step jumpstart to create lewds with blender

C4D Model Editing Part 2- Merging/Binding Models

C4D Model Editing Part 1- Importing/Cleaning

Making OverWatch Styled Hair

Importing M3s from Heroes of the Storm

Attaching clothes to a rigged body

Blender Lamps Basics

Render Layers

3D Modeling Glossary

Importing Source Filmmaker models into Blender