[Dead or Alive 5: Last Round] Marie Rose

[Dead or Alive 5: Last Round] Marie Rose


Rendered in Blender Cycles, rigged with BlenRig Body is based on Lord Aardvark Marie Rose "police" model for SFM, with all original body morphs remain and fixed for errors (both body and face morphs are combined in one mesh). Some textures are fixed to remove seams. Added physics for ponytails, they are animated, based on Blender MMD-tools plug-in.

Since model used both face&body morphs, mesh deform and armature - use their combination wisely, for some values your can get very weird results, but commonly all works quite well.

Layer 0 - Marie body meshes Layer 1 - Marie hair meshes Layer 2 - Police outfit Layer 3 - Diamond bikini outfit Layer 4 - Casual dress outfit Layer 5 - Chinese dress outfit Layer 10 - Blenrig bones Layer 11 - Mesh deform cage Layer 13 - Hair and Body physics Layer 14 - Hair rig Layer 19 - Rig bone's shapes

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