Animated Stomachbulges with Softbody - Support-Script (SACS)

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Animated Stomachbulges with Softbody - Support-Script (SACS)
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Animated Stomachbulges with Softbody - Support-Script (SACS)


Cardboy0's SACS script - Shapekey- and animation-compliant softbodies

NOW WITH AN INDEPTH GUIDE YOU CAN READ AT OR FIND AS A PDF IN THE DOWNLOAD FILES OF THIS POST (the pdf can't show the gifs though, and will not be updated unlike the online version)

outdated:(for other versions visit

new: I started using github repositories for the files instead, so go visit for new ones. I'm tired of having to upload files and list changenotes on like 3 different places. I also created a "retroactive beautifier" script, which does the stuff with applying visual modifiers like corrective smooth on your result like the SACS currently already does, but as a seperated process, meaning you don't have to rerun the whole SACS script everytime only to change some small values of those beauty modifiers. Can be found here: DeviantArt post:

Script that helps you use the softbody physics, instead of shapekeys or manual modeling to create your stomach bulges for animated models. The default softbody modifier starts doing weird things once you try to use it on animated bodies, and this script prevents most of those. A nice feature of softbodies is that they deform in response to collision objects, meaning if you use a belly as a SB and a dick as a CO, the belly will deform however the dick is animated. If the dick points to the right, so will the bulge.

The current most prominent downside / bug is that often faces/vertices will seem to vibrate/jitter, you can see it here: or in the example animations. I have yet to find a fix for that.

The script needs 3 additional addons to work (they are specified in the python file and are downloadable from within blender), and you also need to use one of them to convert your animations into shapekey-animations, one for each frame - with the .mdd format. To read more information, specify certain values and run the script, go to your text editor in blender and open the .py file.

I included 3 example animations, as well as heavily suggested tutorials in the download section. These tutorials are based of the tutorial posts of my DeviantArt account, , and aren't required to use the script - but if you don't wanna have a bad time and use it effeciently you should definitively read them. It's not that easy and also a bit messy, expect problems (and optionally tell me about them).

(The models used in the example animations as well as the thumbnails are:

"Female Teen Basemesh" by contmike

"Tifa - Dissidia NT" by zixaphir

"Trent", one from the "Good Dragon Dongers" pack by dopy - and The low poly version you see in the animations was made by me using the original one as the base.)

Feel free to also ask for help on twitter:

Please mention this script if you use it for your animations. But also feel free to edit it or make your own version, after all my primary intention is to give artists another, and maybe better way of creating stomach bulges, because most of the ones I'm seeing lack individuality, movement, or they aren't even there to begin with, even though the dick is like 20 inches long. So if you can improve it even more, go nuts.

Changelogs V1.20:

  • Major changes:
  1. Script now bakes individual frames slightly different, giving you also slightly different results than before - better or worse
  2. Now you need to have your collision objects animated as mdd as well, and also put them into a collision collection you choose in your softbody properties
  3. The "offset", meaning difference in location between baked vertices and their original counterparts, can now be improved by tweaking the goal damping value. Try values between 1 and 10
  • minor:
  1. Fixed some things
  2. Added new information to be displayed in the console, also it now only shows the lines the user needs to or should see


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