Ultimate Mercy

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Ultimate Mercy
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Ultimate Mercy


Ultimate Mercy - BLENDER 2.82+ ONLY -

It's the caring doctor, ready to do anything for her patients!

Note: Due to udims, this model will only properly work in blender 2.82+.


•Blender 2.82 ready

•Eevee Compatible

•Canonically accurate proportions

•Fully Rigged and Textured with every in-game skin

•Breast and Butt Physics

•Stomach Bulge controllers included in the rig

•Custom UI to swap between skins and toggle each element of her skins.

•Both her staff and pistol for every skin included and rigged

•Included option for futa

1.1 Change log:

-Fixed excessive masks

-Added the custom office skin

-Multiple minor bug fixes

-Added a feature to have any hair on any model (Fully rigged hair coming soon)

-Cleaned up the excessive use of masks to massively increase performance

Massive thanks to mets for the feedback!

1.2 Change log:

-Added Dragoon Mercy

-Added Gym, and life guard Mercy

-Added Summer Mercy - Credit to deviant-art.com/bondageman12

-Added a futa option

-Fixed some other bugs as well

1.3 Change log:


  • Three new skins! Scrubs, Bunny and Police Officer!
  • Remastered shader build to reduce VRAM ussage
  • New skin texture
  • Hopefully fixed Ankles
  • New eyes to match the In-game variants.
  • Remastered all face textures to look more like In-game
  • Added the star missing on Atlantic Crown
  • Changed Gym Skin a little bit, Due a remaster too...
  • Re-weighted some parts of the base skin again too
  • Added Dragoon's Staff and Pistol
  • Remastered the base skin shader for better performance
  • Added more detailed skin texture


  • Broke shapekeys
  • Frequent crashes with model, especially in 2.9
  • Issues with the futa option. (Thanks Stardust!)
  • Some Broken Drivers and automation
  • Crashes due to VRAM usage
  • Issues with Atlantic's dress cloth


Dreamrider, for his help with getting everything ready, almost the entirety of the Atlantic skin, and heavy assistance with pink among other skins: https://twitter.com/Dreamrider3D

Stardust, for help with shaders, drivers, make-up, and general blender dark magic: https://twitter.com/Stardust_3D

Nextr3d, for the ui: https://twitter.com/nextr3d

Mets - For the rig used here: https://twitter.com/Mets3D

Blizzard - Of course, for creating this Swiss treasure

If you find any bugs, feel free to hit me up on twitter: https://twitter.com/SwurstErotic

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File contents:
  Ultimate_Mercy_1.3.1.blend  10482020-09-29 08:55:0556.99 MB
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