Ciri Model [The Witcher 3]

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Ciri Model [The Witcher 3]
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Ciri Model [The Witcher 3]
Ciri Model [The Witcher 3]


My latest Ciri model with different outfits.

The rig is pretty old and has been changed many times. What that means is not everything works perfectly. The model itself is not very user friendly (compared to others at least), but if you have a basic knowledge of blender you should be fine.

There are a few shape-keys for her body, ass, breast and alot for her genitals (but not all work properly, but the open and close keys work).


The updated version has slightly improved skin- and hair-shaders. All shaders are tested in cycles and may need to be changed when using eevee. I also added a few more head textures:

  1. Standard
  2. Less makeup
  3. Crying
  4. Abused

Tipps and Tricks:

Here I want to give you a short workaround to common problems that people have with the model and how I solve them:

  • Activate the correct mask modifier in the nude model when you want to use the outfits. For some poses you may also need to actively change the modifiers vertex group.
  • When you want to open the mouth, place the 3D-cursor (Shift+RMB) at the position where you think the jaw hinge is, then press . and select the 3D-cursor as your pivot point. Now by pressing R+x+x the jaw rotates around that point.

General tipp: The same method can be used for many other things in blender too, also use the 3D-cursor more often it helps to speed up some workflows. Especially combined with Shift+A hotkey.

  • If the shoulders, legs, elbows or any other body part has a unnatural shape in your desired pose, first try to fix with the tweak bones. If that does not work good enought create a new shape-key and try to fix it manually in edit- or sculpt-mode. (Every image I make has at least one such shape-key)
  • Always give credit when you use a model of someone else.


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