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Ellowas's Nude D.va from Overwatch with all her reskins!

This model is now outdated, you should check out my Ultimate D.Va rig!


  • Rigged with BlenRig and Mesh Deform
  • The rig, and the project in general is pretty complex, and is not ideal for beginners. I'll release more easy to use models in the future!
  • Genitals work with shape keys.
  • Change skins by moving the "Skin" bone. (Viewport might not update until a render call)
  • Enable SSS by moving the "SSS" bone.


  • I made this quite a while ago and it's not great
  • As mentioned before, not very noob friendly
  • Download BlenRig add-on from here.
  • Learn about BlenRig here.
  • Runs at shit performance
  • I might improve (ie. re-rig) later if there's a demand. (Giving feedback about specific issues would make this easier)

Special thanks to Ellowas for the original mesh and rigging. (Check out his Patreon)

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