[Overwatch] Ellowas's Lewd Widowmaker for Blender

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Ellowas's Widowbutt model ported and setup for Blender users!

Fair warning, just gonna put it out there that she might not be in very good shape, I dont know why but I had a lot more troubles trying to get the butt to preserve volume how it should than I did on Mercy, and as such her nether regions dont perform amazingly D:

All of Ello's adjustment and volume bones are still in the blend, so you can probably use those to kill any funky deformations that occur when posing D:


  • Standard IK rig
  • Faceposing via bones
  • All of Ello's original bones and weighting
  • Lots of bevel weights on the mesh to preserve hard edges
  • Ladyparts controlled via bones, courtesy of Ellobutt
  • Anus flex courtesy of moi
  • Included barefeets with stirrups on layer 2 for those who want to use them
  • Fancy eyes
  • New action constraints that should help preserve volume with smoother deformations much better than before
  • Some fancy foot rigging that probably doesn't actually work idk
  • Some probably kind of okay shaders that I made for once


  • Ellowas (obviously) for the mesh, textures, skinning, and uh, basically everything ( ' - ')
  • Yeero for the lens shaders on the visor
  • Blizzard for creating the French boot

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  Widowmaker_Ellowas_Rigged_New2.blend   10861 2017-05-10 210.46 MB
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