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 Large preview image for Linkle


Content of this release

  • several original clothes
  • rigged hair, compass and necklace
  • hair physics (adjust the settings if you rescale the model)
  • crossbow model
  • Cycles and Eevee ready


  • Important! To avoid clipping when using clothes, enable the masks in the Modifier tab in the Property of the Linkle mesh. If you want to have only the boots, use the dedicated mask.
  • The genitals can be modified using the Shape keys. Note that also the clothes have the same Shape keys.
  • The physics is disabled by default. You can enable it with the Physics Rendering and Physics Viewport properties of the body mesh (click the nude Linkle body, press N, and on the right you should find the properties in the Item tab)
  • If you want to pose the model without the hair physics, simply delete the Hair Physics
  • The necklace might collide with the neck in some poses, but you can adjust its position with its bones


  • MagMallow for the SFM model

Final Notes


v4 (08/12/2019)

  • added a readme file
  • added new properties to enable and disable the physics on the whole body
  • added a new bikini outfit (with clothes physics for the ribbons)
  • added a new mask for the boots alone (the legs mask left a transparent part)
  • modified the model to add SS scattering options
  • small adjustements to the body weight map
  • mitigated the hood pose problems adding a smooth correction (you can disable it if you have any problem)
  • fixed the normals
  • fixed the genitals of some clothes
  • fixed the boots ribbon weight map
  • fixed the roughness of some clothes
  • fixed the compass material
  • other small fixes

v3 (17/11/2019)

  • lids shape keys redone. For some poses you might still need to play a bit with the eye bones, but the process should be easier now

v2 (17/11/2019)

  • solved the genitals problem (thanks to Yorki): now the shape key should work as intented. I also added a new bone to better pose the genitals if you make "extreme" poses
  • other small fixes

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