Blossom [Battlerite] - Blender 2.80

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Blossom [Battlerite] - Blender 2.80
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Blossom [Battlerite] - Blender 2.80
Blossom [Battlerite] - Blender 2.80


Here is a new porting I did from SFM Lab to Blender 2.80.

The model is NSFW.


The model was made available by MLKR on SFM Lab. Porting, Rigging and Shading by ME Vulva and butthole added by ME (controlled only by shapekeys for now) Character by Battlerite Amazing Artists!

NOTE: The .blend file comes with the Textures Packed. The rig can use IK or FK limbs, to switch between them select the gear at the feet and look into the N panel for the properties in pose mode.


Breast size controls have been added. Weights for the Bra have been added.

For some weird reason the file has a strange name lol

Feel free to use this model as you wish. If possible remember to tag me or add me to the credits of your videos if you'll use this model, I'm always happy to see my work being used and knowing it is not just waiting there .. :)

If you wish for me to do more portings like this one from SFM to Blender please take into consideration supporting me on Patreon at THANKS!

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  Blossom_CzPfbmE.blend  7962019-11-25 22:10:4015.0 MB
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