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hey look, it's everyone's favorite semi-adult borderlands 3 character! /s

I understand Ava gets a lot of hate over a certain, uhhh... "controversial" scene, but I just think she's a cutie. I've done my best to make sure she's as high quality as I can put out. I've added creases and such to her clothing where I felt it was appropriate, built a hybrid Rigify/Blenrig armature that I think captures the parts of both I actually like.

I wrote a funky toon shader for her, but as I'm not really super-experienced in writing shaders, it's probably not the best implementation. I've found it looks well half-and-half with a "real" shader, so that's where I've left it by default, but you can customize it in the N panel.

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  • Cartoon-style shader (optional, Eevee only)
  • Rigify rig with Blenrig face
    • Blenrig addon not required!!
  • Clothing options to customize appearance
    • Including the Siren collar from BL2
  • Customizable breast size
  • Blush option


  • v1.3

    • Updated Rigify components (face still uses blenrig), so new rigify features like finger IK and the FK torso are now included.
    • Added new functionality to the the rig scripts, including an auto-nude button and dynamic unparent/reparenting of eye tracking.
    • Corrective Smooth modifiers are now turned on by default without having to use zz_Render_Modifiers
    • Cleaned up weight painting on Ava's face. In combination with the corrective smooth update, her face should now be much more poseable without breaking.
    • Added creases and shape edges to Ava's hair for better shading.
  • v1.2 - lol forgot the eyes use two UV maps because I couldn't figure out how the game adds the iris/pupils to the eyes

  • v1.1 - Hard-wired UV Maps into materials to prevent the incorrect UV maps being used during rendering/previewing.


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