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Lisa Hamilton
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Lisa Hamilton


Game: Dead or Alive


  • Blender model, setup with SSS shaders
  • Custom rig
  • A few items of clothing
  • Optional particle-based pubic hair


  • Controls for several options are on the 'root ground' control 'MCH Pelvis' control.
  • Not every clothing item fits the model as well as I'd like and some of the controls (like the particle pubic hair) are not controlled using the toggle on the Pelvis bone. Adjust those manually if necessary.
  • Unsure about this layout? Pick the screen layout in the bar on the top. Do yourself a favor and watch some Blender tutorials!


  • Shaders set up to work with Eevee
  • Minor Cleanup of unused nodes
  • Rig shapes de-faced
  • Switched display to no longer be in front of mesh
  • Mesh objects unselectable
  • Moved objects into collections for easier link/append
  • Rig UI panel created. Run to see it pop up in the Item Tab of the Properties Panel in 3D View
  • SSS parameter exposed
  • Wet/Dry mix exposed
  • Isolation constraint sliders exposed globally
  • IK/FK switches exposed globally
  • Clothing Toggles exposed globally

Special thanks to vismund and crute.

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  Lisa_Hamilton.blend  81612017-02-05 22:26:2340.6 MB
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  Lisa_Hamilton_2.8.blend  6992021-04-11 12:02:1232.22 MB
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