Judy Hopps - Zootopia for Blender

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This is NOT my model, I'm pretty sure this is https://www.patreon.com/likkezg likkezg's edit of splatypi's https://www.blendswap.com/blend/17309 model (as far as I know anyway, I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time). This model DOES work with Blender 2.8, even though it is meant for 2.7

Here is an excerpt from the read-me file included in the blender file.

Judy rig v1.0 Blender v2.77 Release Candidate 2 Released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License Contact me: splatypi@gmail.com


A Judy rig for cycles render designed for wide-medium shots. There is some detail suited for closer shots, but don't expect great accuracy to the original. There is a custom rig UI script, "judy_rig_ui.py", that you'll want to make sure has run before using the rig. It should add a "Rig" tab to the tools Panel in the 3D view when the rig object is selected. In it will be a "Display" panel and a "Properties" panel that fills with information when relevant bones in the rig are selected in pose mode.

In order to reduce the amount of hair, by default the eyelids are have low hair density. If you are close up and need more hairs on the eyelids for blinking and such, enable the "EyelidHairAdder" modifier for the "Head" object. Similarly, if there are too many hairs passing through the eyelashes, enable the "EyelidHairRemover" which eliminates all hairs on the eyelids.

To speed up render time and reduce noise, you can remove the subsurface scattering used for the ears by assigning them to the "Body" Material rather then the BodySSS. As well, take advantage of the Simplify settings in the scene tab of the properties window to reduce the amount of child particles based on the camera distance.


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