Filled Condom Rig 1.6 for Blender

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crute's Condom Rig

version 1.6

This is an animatable, filled condom for the type of condom belts that are popular in JAV.

To use the Rig-Panel, you need to click Allow Execution when opening the .blend file or run the script manually, by clicking the Runs Script Button in the Text Editor Header.


Root Bone contains the following Custom Properties:

  • Color Picker (changes Color)
  • Condom Fill Height (moves cum texture up and down)
  • Subdivision Level (sets the amount of subdivision applied to Condom Body and Knot, Render and Preview can now be controlled independently)
  • Knot/Pinch Toggle (hides the Knot and gives an untied Condom)

Use PinchPos to have a Pivot around which the condom can swing when connected to another object, like a belt.

Position PinchPos to move the knot along the condom's length.
Position and Scale ShaftScalePos to influence position and amount of cum load.
Position and Scale TipScalePos to influence position and volume of cum load in the tip.
Position Handle.Tail to swing and squash the condom


I needed and received a lot of help on this rig from the following people, whom I wish to thank:
zixh: for rig testing and workflow tips
irastris: for the drip and tan shader idea
varenta: for rig building tips
mets: for building rigs for da people
Danny Mack for teaching me that RGB Float thing!


[1.6.0] (2019/10/26)

Split Render and Viewport Render Settings into separate controls
Added Visibility controls for Knot and Pinch to turn them off and get an untied condom
Made the Input Fields look a little nicer

[1.5.2] (2019/10/25)

Materials Fixed for Eevee-Rendering. Some Nodes in the setup got mysteriously disconnected. I blame 2.81 Alpha.
Added Custom Rig Panel. Cause that is what the cool kids do nowadays!
Added RGB-Color-Picker. Much nicer than that old 3-slider setup
Minor UV update, now fills the bottom up cleaner and smoother.

[1.5.0] (2019/08/14)

Added missing Subdivision Drivers

[1.4.0] (2019/08/14)

Added Handle.Tail Location Limits, so it doesn't fly away
Parented everything to the root properly
Attached knot to CTRL.PinchPos
Added FillHeight control for fill texture position

[1.3.0] (2019/07/30)

Added Cum-Texture,
Wetness VertexPaintMask,
Custom Properties on root bone,
Reset Rig Scale
Add Color Controls

[1.2.0] Added Drip and Tan Shader and Custom Shapes

[1.1.0] Added Rig Controllers

[1.0.0] Init


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