Roach - The Witcher 3 Horse (Update for Blender 2.82)

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Roach - The Witcher 3 Horse (Update for Blender 2.82)
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Roach - The Witcher 3 Horse (Update for Blender 2.82)
Roach - The Witcher 3 Horse (Update for Blender 2.82)


This is a model of 'Roach' from The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt, which I used in my animations. I ported both the horse and the horsecock from SFMLab to Blender 2.82.


  • rigged Roach + Horsecock (with Rigify)
  • Principled BSDF Shaders
  • multiple horse and cock textures (+ procedual shader)
  • adjustable cock wetness
  • realistic hair (turn on/off in particle tab, for viewport performance just enable it in the render)


  • for the wetness: got to shader nodes of the horsecock -> set the value to something below 10 (10 = no wetness, 0 full wetness)
  • the most important for the procedual penis shader are seed and location values (if you dont want to use it just connect the other group)
  • particle hair can be controlled via the force fields (shown in the video)
  • to change the skin of the horse change the "skin" value under properties (also shown in the video)
  • if you use the condom or the golden ring there are two related shapekeys for a better fit
  • Enjoy!


1.3 (most new things are shown in the video)

  • new awesome cockrig
  • improved shading
  • driver for skins
  • procedual penis skin (use the texture group OR procedual group)


  • added particle hair
  • improved shading
  • added cock pose library presets (Boner and NoBoner)


  • shading has been improved
  • fixed normals
  • added condom and horsecock shapekeys
  • fixed the cockrig and it now usable for animations


Please tag me if you use this model :) You can follow me on Twitter at If you have questions or suggestions just send me a direct message

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