[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80

[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
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[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80
[Overwatch] Pharah v3 for Blender 2.80



This is a rigged model of Pharah from Overwatch made for Blender 2.80 The model comes with lots of armors, hairdos and outfits plus a next-gen UI that makes mixing and matching items a piece of cake. This is without a doubt one of the most feature rich and easy to use models you can find out there.

How to use it

  • Just open the file, and choose "Allow execution" (if Blender asks you).
  • With the file loaded select Pharah's body (or rig) and you will get a panel called "Pharah v3" in the 3D Viewport sidepanel.

User guide

For an in-depth look and info on on how to:

and other tips and tricks make sure to

>> Read the user guide

What others artists had to say

  • "the best experience I've had with 3d modeling"
  • "comes with tons of options and has realistic body proportions"
  • "This is BY FAR the best, easiest to use, and most configurable Overwatch model ever"
  • "Versatile, gorgeous and impressive! A teaching-tool for novices, a true asset to professionals"

read more

Latest update

12.05.2020 | v3.7.0

  • added aviator skin
  • added new hairdos and a separate rig to control the hair (read more)
  • improved viewport performance when for the body (I hid the bevel modifier and that increased the fps from 12 to 44 on my machine)
  • added only one arm covered option for sweater outfit
  • added new poses (thanks to @TheHounde and @Major_Guardian for some of them)
  • reduced a visible seam area on the thighs
  • fixed black nails not being fully black (Props to @erotes18)
  • converted tanlines from masks to full textures (you will no longer get a visible white line on the body when using Eevee)
  • changed body textures 2K
  • made the bodysuit and catsuit work with armors' pants (aviator & officer outfits)
  • added a subtle shadow around the eyes
  • improved the hair material for the default hairdo
  • added muay thai wraps and punching bag prop
  • changed how the materials are set on the catsuit and bodysuit (using far fewer nodes, should solve or reduce the problem of pink textures in Eevee)
  • added a no-midriff bikini option (props to @Major_Guardian)
  • added the Raindander and Thunderbird facepaint options (to match the hairdo)
  • added a third pubic hair style

13.05.2020 | v3.7.1

  • fixed a couple of bugs related to wrong masks being set on the Body based on the armor

14.05.2020 | v3.7.2

  • fixed a bug with the Aviator pants slider not working properly

See changelog history


If you want to provide feedback or report bugs, you can get in touch with me on Twitter, DeviantArt or Smutba.se Discord (as PBG)

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