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This is a rigged model of Pharah from Overwatch made for Blender 2.80 The model comes with lots of armors, hairdos and outfits plus a next-gen UI that makes mixing and matching items a piece of cake. This is without a doubt one of the most feature rich and easy to use models you can find out there.

How to use it

  • Just open the file, and choose "Allow execution" (if Blender asks you).
  • With the file loaded you will get a panel called "Pharah v5" in the 3D Viewport sidepanel.

Pharah v5 (for Blender 3.0)

This version is based on Diffeomorphic.

A new Pharah model, made from scratch to solve two issues:

  1. make it easy to import outfits from DAZ
  2. better deformations

>> Read the user guide

>> Read the outfits import guide

Latest update

05.06.2023 | v5.3.45

This started as a collection of smaller updates and ended up snowballing into the biggest update since the release of the v5 model. I also took this opportunity to request and incorporate user feedback. Unlike previous versions, I also decided to incorporate user feedback earlier on and such I released a preview version to a handful of people will to try it.

New features:

  • Outfits colors selector - change the color of the various outfit items by choosing from a list of presets (preview)

    Background: I wanted the option to change the color of the outfit items. At the same time I wanted to have some control over those colors to avoid the result being a visual clusterfuck. A dropdown seemed like a good solution but I was not able to get custom icons to consistently work so I couldn't define the colors. As luck would have it, Blender comes with a nice selection of icons, including some colored ones, so they were a decent workaround, despite the fact that they were quite limited in terms of colors. I released that as part of the preview version of the new model. I got feedback from @GRVTY3D that some of the colors were too vibrant and that more variations (maybe more pastel colors) would be welcomed. I knew he was right as I felt the exact same way so this was the metaphorical kick in the butt that I needed to scrap the whole approach and go back to the drawing board. Since dropdowns didn't seem to be the solution I was pretty much out of ideas, but luckily I had been playing with image selectors recently and that ended up being the absolute perfect solution, as they work very similar to a dropdown but provide way more control.

  • Outfits combos selector - easily switch between 20+ outfit combinations. (preview)

    Background: in retrospect this should have been an obvious one, but in practice it took way too long to get here. One of the main benefits of the Pharah model has always been that you could combine various outfit items (tops, bottoms, shoes, etc) to come up with interesting combos. The problem was that most people were not aware or simply didn't bother with it. I wanted to let the users know about the possibilities that come with this model so my plan was to just add a button in the UI, linking to the website and showing all the cool combos that could be achieved. Thankfully, I resisted my reflex and I realized that I should just skip the middleman and add this directly in the model. The end result is something that is super easy to use yet powerful, which also plays nicely with the newly introduced color options. I expect more combos to be added in the near future.

  • New outfit items - pantyhose (with 6 variations), knee-high boots, bunnysuit outfit, gym shirt, sweater, office shirt, a new sports bra, lingerie top, 3 headwear pieces (sports, dominatrix and lieutenant caps), new chokers and earrings

  • New hairdos and selector - 7 new hairdos and an easy to use selector (preview)

  • Material variations - some of the outfits come with material variations as well, such as latex (provied by CableNsfw) or the nylon for the thigh-high stockings.

  • Bones for lewds - added bones to control the vagina and butt (preview)

  • Misc - piercings, a skin tone slider


  • New poses - more facial expressions and poses added to the Asset browser, with over 700 items in total

  • Improved face texture - removed some of the sharpness noticeable on her nose and redid that part of the textures (thanks to @blankpins)

  • Improved UI - to make things more organized and the UI layout more compact

  • Baked the MHX rig - the MHX addon is no longer needed to use the model (although it still allows for customizing the rig options such as FK/IK switch)

  • Simplified body morphs - removed some of the bodymorphs that were rarely used or made little difference; removed the various muscles morphs and added fewer muscle morphs covering arms, legs, torso and back (which is new). Added some new breasts morphs as well. Overall the number of morphs was reduced by 70

  • Buttons to disable items for improved performance - hide the hair, outfit or pJCM bodymorphs with a single click, for extra performance (especially useful when animating)

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed knees / elbows posing issue (more details)

  • Fixed problem with sculpting having a 2 second delay - this was caused by a duplicate of the body mesh, used for the alternative Bodysuit outfit (which was removed in this update)

  • Improved performance by removing the DAZ teeth mask - masks still seem to cause performance issues in Blender so I removed the mask and used a morph instead to hide the teeth

  • Eliminated the random freezing that would happen from time to time when posing, by baking the MHX rig

  • Increased pelvis bone rotation limit - this is useful in some animations (thanks to @ITAlessio27)

  • Lots of other smaller fixes

Thanks to:

Pharah v4 (for Blender 2.8)

The old yet still amazing version of the model with lots of outfits, armors, customizable materials, pose library, different hairdos and much more. It's perfect for beginners.

User guide

For an in-depth look and info on on how to:

and other tips and tricks make sure to

>> Read the user guide

What others artists had to say

  • "the best experience I've had with 3d modeling"
  • "comes with tons of options and has realistic body proportions"
  • "This is BY FAR the best, easiest to use, and most configurable Overwatch model ever"
  • "Versatile, gorgeous and impressive! A teaching-tool for novices, a true asset to professionals"

read more


If you want to provide feedback or report bugs, you can get in touch with me on Twitter, DeviantArt or Smutba.se Discord (as PBG)


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