Tifa - Dissidia NT

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Hey it's Tifa. How did that happen?

This is a port from Dissidia NT that I've lewded and given the Rigify treatment. If you enjoy it, please support me on Patreon and feel free to follow me on Twitter.

A special thanks to Redmoa for helping me test the model, and for being a pal and making me some of the nice promo renders.


  • Rigify rig
  • Various options for degrees of nudity
  • Custom hair and lewd rigging
  • DAZ body


If you run into any issues, please feel free to contact me on Discord @ zixaphir#1893 or Twitter.


v1.5 - slightly improved weight painting, corrected an issue with her skirt, annotated clothing UI because people keep messaging me about how to make her nude

v1.4 - I swear I have had more bugs with this character than anything else I've ever produced. Yes, this is a bugfix release. Fixed her boots being parented incorrectly, fixed her eyelashes not deforming, fixed a texture seam on her neck and shoulders, oh, and I added an extra bone to her earring so that it can swing nicer. If you find issues, please hit me up on twitter. I don't bite and I'd like to think my response time is not bad.

v1.3 - Fixed an issue where Tifa's teeth and tongue were not deforming with the rig.

v1.2 - Rig edits to improve ankle bends. Geometry improvements. Weighting fixes. Reproportioned arms a bit to be less thin. Fixed texture seams on thighs.

v1.1 - Fixed a weird issue where the weights in the gloves somehow corrupted... by appending from a pre-release version of the blend. Yeah, I don't know either.

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