[Batman AK] Batgirl w/ Nude Butt


Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) from Arkham Knight with a lewded lower half ( ' - ')b

Just like my Catwoman model, this is a model I setup but never got around to using, and as such she probably has a few problems that I never addressed because I never tested her out v( ' - ')v


  • Standard IK setup, nothing fancy
  • Gibbed her a nude butt, no feets or nude upper body though
  • Mesh is quadded using Blenders automatic 'Tris to Quads' function, so it's far from perfect, but these models were never meant to be quadded so fixing it would have been more trouble that it's worth
  • Some poopy shaders
  • It looks like the flexes for the ladyparts borked a bit somewhere down the line, probably because I stole the body from an SFM model and Gaben loves to break things, just cover it up by putting a donger in there or something v( ' - ')v
  • im dumb

I highly recommend unpacking all the textures from the blend before using her, because its strangely much more laggy than usual

Credits go to Rocksteady for the original mesh and textures, as well as XNASyndicate for the original XNA port

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