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D.va's default model from Overwatch 2, for Blender 3.6.

The base model has been edited a fair bit from the game extraction; I took the liberty of re-matting and removing certain parts of her suit to improve the overall look.

A lot of the accessories and padding has also been modified to fit her body better, as well as given a new UV space.

This model was created in Blender 3.6.0, and will likely not work with older versions of the software.

I work exclusively in EEVEE, and as such I set this model up exclusively with EEVEE in mind, not cycles. I'm sure you can translate the shaders to cycles if you know what you're doing, though. The only one that might be a problem is the hair shader, which has been set up to emulate the style of shading found in the game, and might suffer from cycle's ray-tracing.


  • Full default bodysuit + accessories with minor edits, fit for SFW renders too if you disable the nude components.
  • Blaster pistol with in-game rigging, shaded and packed with a single-shot animation action.
  • A comprehensive custom-built rig with no cumbersome scripts or obnoxious add-ons needed.
  • A (partial) nude body, custom built, textured, rigged, and shaded by me.
  • Much more presentable shaders than my previous models, still aiming to emulate the in-game style of OW2, with a suite of controls for users to play around with.

A note: this is not my model, so to speak. Whilst the nude components and rig are mine, the rights and ownership of both the character of D.va and her original model components belong to Activision Blizzard. That being said, you don't have to ask my permission to use, modify, otherwise edit, or re-distribute this work, I couldn't legally grant you those permissions anyway. So y'know, go nuts.

A few other things to note, although I'm sure most people won't read them:

  • The nude body mesh is only partial, and has no arms. I'm sure some people will complain about that, but from my perspective it made more sense to enforce a minimal amount of clothing for her given her stuck-on neckpiece.
  • I dislike models that force tedious custom UI or script elements on the user, so don't go looking for them here. D.va's nude body has multiple mask modifiers to fit the different outfit pieces: just toggle them manually when needed, or add new ones if and when mine aren't enough.
  • There are several nodegroups in her shaders that tweak the shading of her body. Just pop open the shader editor to access them. Again, I dislike custom properties and forcing users to learn their way around them; everyone should know the shader editor from basic Blender experience so you shouldn't have any trouble with it. These groups allow you to edit details on her buttcheeks, anus, vagina, soles, fingernails, and toenails respectively.
  • Since some people asked last time: yes, you can freely re-arrange the bone layers to fit your preference, I simply arrange them the same way I do all my models. Just be mindful that the left-side bones are not meant to be touched for posing: they are all technical and simply part of the rigging solutions.
  • The last bone layer on the right contains rig switches for, among other things, IK/FK toggles, head tracking, and the hip counter pivot. The joint pivot switches are a somewhat janky solution for allowing rotation from the elbows + knees, though these are somewhat experimental.
  • If ever you find yourself struggling with deformations, check the other bone layers. This rig has adjusters and tweak bones everywhere, you might be able to fix it by pulling some of them around manually.

Some known issues:

  • The forearms of her gloves have a noticeable detail seam when transitioning UV islands. I tried for an easy solution, but without re-UVing I haven't been able to come up with one that won't cause me a migraine.
  • Her genital rigging might not hold up in extreme poses. I really need an uptake of serotonin before I'll be in a good enough mood to want to dive back into that mess :D
  • There is some minor clipping with her suit top when posing her breasts, it's easy to work around with some quick pose adjustments or shapekeys, though.

If you find errors or problems with the model, let me know. I wasn't actually able to get anyone to test it because I guess I have no friends :^D



Made a few minor fixes, haven't had any bug reports yet so these are just things I noticed on my own:

  • Fixed a wonky stretch-to constraint on the right foot
  • Fixed a minor parenting issue on the Ctrl bones of one of the hair strands
  • Fixed constraint transform space being set incorrectly on the Head_Ctrl bone


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