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Medli (Shortstack Edition)


You'll need Mustard UI installed or the UI with all the controls wont show up. This is a bug but it's one I have so far been unable fix so because I just can't get the UI to show up on it's own. All her shapekeys, outfits & extra bone layers can only be accessed through the UI so she really wont work without it. Real sorry about that but there is seemingly nothing I can do to fix thia.

She is a Daz Diffeomorphic model but YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED DAZ DIFFEOMORPHIC INSTALLED unless you want to disable the drivers for viewport performance. All the Daz elements are integrated into the Mustard UI & can be used there instead.

Disable Daz Drivers: Select Armature > Daz Importer > Morphs > Disable Drivers

Disabling the drivers will stop the automatic corrective shapekeys from working. It will stop the body, breast, ass & genital shapekeys from working. But it will vastly improve your viewport & animation playback performance. They can be re-enabled at any time, but as far as Daz Diffeomorphic models go she is on the lighter side because she doesn't have any of the facial controls.

She also uses a rigify rig so you'll need that turned on too & to allow the script if you don't have it on auto-run.

I have included Daz Diffeomorphic & Mustard UI add ons for download if anyone needs or you can go right to the source:

Mustard UI:

Daz Diffeomorphic:

Full Disclosure. This is not just my first 3d model, it's the project I used to learn 3d modelling. But I have made several promises over the last 2 years that I would release her at some point, so expect there to be some janky elements. The worst offender is her textures, which work but it's a woefully inefficient house of cards.

Everything should work fine in both Eevee & Cycles, although I mostly use Cycles myself & while I have tested her in both if I've missed anything it'll be on the Eevee side.

Body Notes

The head is taken directly from Blaco's SFM port of Rafaknight's Medli model. She has all the original facial shapekeys intact (including the driven ones that activate when certain combinations of shapekeys are activated together). In addition she now has separate left & right versions of many of the facial shapekeys (but not the combination ones). Her original beak size can be restored in the Body Settings section of the Mustard UI.

Facial Shapekeys: Mustard UI > Body > Mouth/Lips/Nose/etc...

Original Beak: Mustard UI > Body > Body Settings > Original Beak

The body is a custom Daz 8 model & comes with specific corrective shapekeys designed for that body for better deformation when posing. I also painted in weights for the Daz armature's lip & eyebrow bones, but I would recommend only using them for fine tuning since the weight painting is pretty amateurish and the shapekey are much better.

Her body has subsurface division & corrective smooth modifiers, which are off by default. Her outfits have these as well along with shrinkwrap modifiers, also off by default. These are all turned off/on for render & viewport through the Mustard UI.

Body Modifiers: Mustard UI > Body > Global Settings

Outfit Modifiers: Mustard UI > Outfits > Outfit Global Properties

Her genital bones have custom bone shapes applied & moved forward so they are easier to see/use & to stop them getting in the way. I call the shape 'The Pussy Turtle.' But if you don't like it you can return them to their default shape & location.

Remove Custom bone Shapes: Select Armature > Pose Mode > Select Bone > Blender Properties Editor > Bones Properties > Viewport Display > Custom Shape > Delete Custom Object

Outfit Notes

  1. All of her body shape keys are mirrored on her clothes, so if you make her boobs bigger they get bigger on all outfits (some work better than others & enabling the corrective smooth modifier on her clothes helps). All her tops are parented to the first breast bone, but the second & third breast bones are only for when she's nude & wont move the tops. None of her lower body clothes will move with her ass bones, but will move with all ass related shapekeys.

Breast Shapekeys: Mustard UI > Body > Breast Shapekeys

  1. Most of the outfits come with general adjustment shapekeys & ones specifically for revealing her erogenous zones. Many of these come in sequential stages that can be activated one after another to represent/animate stages of undress or all turned on at once to be fully revealed.

Sequential Stages: Mustard UI > Outfits > Hooters > Shorts > Cog Icon > Pulled Down Part 1 > Pulled Down Part 2...etc

  1. Some of the pants & panties have pulled shapekey designed to be used if she is bending over & most of them have a completely separate model where they are fully pulled down which is only weighted to her legs.

Hips Bent Shapekey: Mustard UI > Outfits > Canon > Dress > Cog Icon > Lift Back Hips Bent 45

Pulled Model: Mustard UI > Outfits > Hooters > Shorts Pulled

  1. Her Canon Dress & her Hero Tunic/Hat have higher resolution textures that are turned off by default to save on viewport performance. They can be turned on before you render by going to each items additional properties (cog icon) in the Outfits section of the Mustard UI.

Enable HD Textures: Mustard UI > Outfits > Canon > Dress > Cog Icon > HD Textures ON/OFF

  1. The sword, scabbard & shield for her Hero costume are their own separate outfit called 'Hero Gear' & should be 'locked' on (the padlock icon) in the Outfits section of the Mustard UI.

Lock Hero Gear: Mustard UI > Outfits List > Hero Gear > Padlock Icon

  1. The sword, scabbard & shield for her Hero costume are each controlled by a root bone which all start constrained to her by default. The sword has a bone constraint attaching it to the scabbard. The scabbard has a bone constraint attaching it to her hip. The shield has a bone constraint attaching it to her 3rd spine bone (spine_fk.003). To move any of these items yourself you will first need to remove or disable their constraint.

Hide Hero Gear Bones: Mustard UI > Outfits List > Hero Gear > Toggle Adjust Bone

Remove Constraint: Select Armature > Pose Mode > Select Bone > Blender Properties Editor > Bones Constraint Properties > Delete Constraint

  1. The Canon, Hero & Gerudo outfits (along with her genitalia) all have additional control bones with their own bones layers. These can be accessed easily through THE MUSTARD UI ARMATURE TAB

Show Additional Bone Layers: Mustard UI > Armature > Body Armature Layers

  1. The Gerudo outfit has an alternative blue version. This can be enabled by going to each items additional properties (cog icon) in the Outfits section of the Mustard UI.

Enable Blue Gerudo: Mustard UI > Outfits > Gerudo > Cog Icon

  1. Her default hair has a control to hide the ponytail & a control to flatten the little spike on the side for the Hero Outfit, plus a control to tuck the ponytail under the veil for the Gerudo Outfit. These (along with all the other hair settings) can be enabled in the Hair Settings tab of the MUSTARD UI BODY TAB.

Hair settings: Mustard UI > Body > Hair Settings

Switch Hairs: Mustard UI > Hair > Hair List

Show/Hide Hair Armature: Mustard UI > Armature > Hair Armature

  1. The Hooters Panties have two alt textures to add either the Punk colors or Canon colors.

Change Hooters Panty Texture: Mustard UI > Outfits > Hooters > Panties > Cog Icon > Canon Panty Texture


Original SFM Port: by Blaco

Original Model: by Rafaknight

Outfit items from: Link [The Legend of Zelda] & Urbosa [The Legend of Zelda] by nextr3d

Outfit items from: Link - Hyrule Warriors by Blaco

Outfit items from: Hyrule Warriors: Linkle by Taco

If you use her for anything be sure to tag me on Twitter @DansDojo because I really want to see what she gets up to.


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