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I know this is yet another Kass NSFW Model there is a good hand full of them now. So, I tried to at least make some differences in body proportions.

I would have liked to polish it a bit more and a couple of features are broken but it's in a quite usable state and I wanted to have it out before Tears of the Kingdom Releases



Now with IK Controls for Mouth and Crotch I also realized posing for the Thumbnail how rushed the Heads Weight paint was. it is somewhat better now.


◈ Kass Mesh

Model from the Legend of Zelda Series you know what this is if you searched for it the main Body has a Polygon count from a little over 30,000.


Rig with Custom Weights it has some Inverse Kinematics o thou things like Eye tracking I didn't get around to do yet. There are Deformation bones for the Pecs and Back but for the 1.0 release I plan on adding extra bones that automatically flex the muscles when under tension.

Clothes & Accessories

like Braces and Leg Bands from Kass's Original Design. I used feathers from another project as placeholders they are verily High Poly so I probably replace them in the next version alongside the feathers around the Cristal. There is also some Geometry Node Based Clothing since it's really quick to do in the Cloths Layer Collection feel free to make some for yourself you only have to assign a Vertex Group to the Area on the main - body and link it in the control panel of the Geometry Node.

Props & Objects

There is a High Poly Recreation of Kass's Bandoneon, but it is not yet fully Rigged.


I included this one because the Viewport would have looked a little bland without it I will probably release the Skybox also at some point proper after I tweaked it a little. bit


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  Kass_ver_0.9.1.rar   245 2023-05-13 17:55:35 35.81 MB
  Kass_ver_0.9.0.rar   34 2023-05-10 18:56:07 14.59 MB
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Pink models are, similar to how it is in game engines, a sign that Blender is unable to find some textures. A common issue with downloaded files, and relatively easy to fix.

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