Model that many asked me to release, yet I didnt want to because it wasnt polished enough. Its still unfortunatelly not polished enough but at least it'll be available for everyone. Basic knowledge of Blender required to fix any mistakes along the way and use the model. If you have made any good changes or fixes let me know, so this one could be updated!

Two versions of model:

  • Older, With normal skeleton
  • Newer, With different spine controls

Lord Aardvark - Model Port for SFM
KrittaKitty's - HD werewolfes mod / textures
Mets - Spine rig
ohgodzilla - Dicks

Check out my:

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
thumbnail_VJH2ndI.png 190 2019-06-04 1.5 MB
WerewolfNew.blend 586 2019-06-04 316.33 MB
WerewolfOld.blend 190 2019-06-04 102.92 MB