Terra Branford - Final Fantasy VI

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  • -This model was made in Blender 3.4.1+, so use that version or anything above. Anything below that may not work.

  • -This is my first ever NSFW model I ever made. So if anyone has any advice or ideas on how I can improve this model, I would really appreciate it! :)

  • -If there is any bugs on this model, please comment and I will see if I can fix it.

  • -Please credit me if you use my models.

  • -If you tag me on Twitter to credit me, Please tag my NSFW account. Not my main. Unless the art is SFW. I’m which case tag my main.

  • -Do not reupload this model anywhere without my permission.

  • -Please do not use this model for extreme fetish material, or material that may disgust people. (Ex. Beastiality/Zoophilia, Scat, Fart, gore, etc.)

  • -If you are using the model in Cycles, set the Ambient Occlusion to a low value, or 0.

My Contacts


  • Q: Why are there missing textures on the model?

  • A: In Blender, go to File>External Data>Find Missing Files, and select the Textures file. It should fix the issue. If it doesn't, or it doesn't put in all the textures, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

  • Q: Will there be an Esper version?

  • A: Yes! It should hopefully not be too hard to make. The only thing I'm concerned about is the Skin Gradients, and maybe the hair.


  • MustardSFM for the UI Script.

  • SolaraSona for sculpting the head.

  • Square Enix for most of the models.

  • Sticklove for Terra's outfit meshes, and some of the textures.

  • LucasFilm for the Slave Bikini design.

Here are some future plans for this model:

  • Particle Hair Option (Hopefully. I can't guarantee it though because of her having a ponytail. The front hair shouldn't be too bad though. It will take a while however.)

  • More outfits

Patch Notes

V. 1.0.1 (3/2/2023)

  • Applied transformations for the hair. I forgot to do that surprisingly.

  • Hair color adjustment now affects the color of the Eyelashes and Pubic hair. Apparently, I forgot to apply drivers to it.

V. 1.1.4 (3/11/2023)

  • New Outfit: Slave Bikini.

  • New Extra: Slave Crown.

  • New features and Bug fixes to the MustardUI.

V. 1.1.6 (3/12/2023)

  • Fixed the Slave Bikini material only working in Eevee and not Cycles.

  • New Material setup for Terra's hair in Cycles.

  • Sleeves for the Magitek Knight outfit should work better.

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