Mia Rigify Setup Alpha 1.1

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Just to be totally clear, this model is a hasty rigify setup over the files I used to make the SFM port for this character. I'll be gradually removing the SFM jank and upgrading the features for Mia over the next few months as I learn how to make better blender models. For now, I'll be keeping the "alpha" designation as I work my way through all of the compromises I had to make for SFM's limited engine. SFM version can be found here: https://sfmlab.com/project/35481/

The Rigify setup contains a basic IK setup with eye targeting, and all four hair/hat configurations separated out to their own collections. The hair props have their own armatures that are bone constrained to the main rig's head, so you'll need to use those to make hair poses. Face bones are very minimal, so use the shape keys on the head with the available bones to make expressions. There are lots of corrective shapes present to assist with shape key combinations, and I threw in an extra corrective modifier to help out with some of the more problematic combinations. I'm also including the .blend file used for porting the SFM model in this release, just in case anyone feels like tinkering with that or porting to other software. All .blend files were created on Blender 3.31.

My plan going forward is to improve the weight painting, get proper face bones set up, and figure out where I want to go from there. If you catch any major issues, drop a comment on this upload and I'll do my best to roll a fix into the next update.


Alpha 1.1:

  • Fixed broken vertex group for hands (hand posing should work now)
  • Smoothed out some weight painting on the hands, shoulders, and torso
  • Added a shrinkwrap modifier for the shirt (should fix clipping problems)
  • Added a corrective smooth for the torso (helps with some torso bends)
  • Set up a data transfer mod to make the neck seam less noticeable (only applies at render)

Terms and conditions

Released under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 with some commercial exceptions:


Exceptions to Non-Commercial licensing: Model is only restricted from re-selling the model itself or any derivatives on storefronts (gumroad/booth.pm/etc) and subscription sites (patreon/subscribestar/etc). Render and animation commissions are allowed for commercial purposes. Commissioning an artist to re-model the geometry into a new character or convert the character to different applications (VRChat, gaming mods, etc) is also allowed, as long as the final result is not paywalled to the public. This means that the resulting model or conversion can be released for free or kept private, but cannot be sold commercially or permanently restricted to a subscription site.

I generally don't try to restrict the type of content people produce with my models when it comes to renders, animations, OC conversions, or ports. I do request that you credit me for creation of the model if you post something publicly, particularly on a conversion or port.


Character designed and modeled by AnnoAD:



Cargo set clothing geometry and textures created by Warfaremachine



Hat geometry provided by honorboundnoob



Many thanks to Kaitou for helping out with the rigify setup, and all of the tech support over the years



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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Mia_textures.zip   944 2023-02-15 03:24:49 322.45 MB
File contents:
  Mia_SFM_Sourcefiles_V1.blend   430 2023-02-15 03:25:08 192.57 MB
  Mia_RigifySetup_Alpha1.1.blend   733 2023-02-18 04:42:59 201.22 MB
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The Blender 3.0 kicks of with a BAM! The Asset Manager is a hot new feature that allows for easy re-use of models.

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