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This is my first fully done character. If you find some problems in the rig, or you can improve the model, shader, etc you can write about it in the comments. The rig contains:

  1. IK for limbs.

  2. Shoulder follow mechanism, so you can pose the arm using only IK controller and pole target.

  3. Tweakable eye and eyelid rig with simple control by scaling the eye controller.

  4. Simple mouth tongue controllers.

  5. 2 layer hand controller with main and tweak layers.

  6. And the simple pussy controller.

All deformation bones parented to the root bone, so you can export the animations (what i wouldnt recomend because of particle fur) I will continue working with the model. I have better pussy and mouth rig in plans, alternative texture sets, so you can switch between characters, and the boob simulation. I will be very thankfull if you will link this model when you use it, so more people can use this model. Fur can be rendered both in cycles and eevee, but if you want to render it in eevee properly , you better use this addon: If not you should disconect al nodes that are conected to normal chanel. Downloading textures isnt necessary its just if packed textures dont work.

Special thanks to for his renders

Thist time there was a problem where every shapekey is influencing a bellybutton. Now it is fixed.

V.1.07 Added:

  1. FK for arms and legs, with isolated rotation.

  2. Better pussy rig, to change target of the shrinkwrap bones, you need to do it in Pussy_Stretch_Targeting layer for one bone and just use copy constraints.

  3. Additional arm twist bone

  4. CRCT Shapekey for legs, so you can spread them.

  5. Shapekey for more curvy forms of the figure


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Alexa Better Pussy Rig   1222 2023-02-13 16:55:15 31.89 MB
  Alexa v.1.07   921 2023-02-13 09:57:37 34.24 MB
  Alexa_Textures.rar   1304 2023-02-02 16:44:12 29.83 MB
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