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Hey, have you heard of the dude? This is him but more barebones, yet improved. Considered stepping up my game with new textures and new features.

What's different?

-Accessible UI panel when clicking on the rig

-More separate color customization

-A nicer looking dick

-All the customization shapekeys work this time

-A whole lot less bloat (still has JCMs)

-New shaders I made (they look horrible in the node editor but they work)

-A base for Eevee is uncluded. I'd still recommend you use this in Cycles but atleast this time you're not tossed to the wolves.

Overall features: Check the screenshot for the panel.

You've got things now like veins, dick shapes, a different foreskin, head/hair masks, separate balls, dick and glans shader options and the list goes on. Also made a new hair shader, added some expressions (you can still use the face bones), eye color customization, etc. Nothing too crazy but atleast it's something. It's still mainly a POV model.


-Diffeomorphic 1.6.2+ -> Access to all shapekeys through its UI

-MHX Runtime (latest that comes with 1.6.2+) -> Access to the rig behaviour + IK

-Blender 3.3.2+


If you append, append the "Append" collection. Save your blend file. Restart it. Allow the script. Now if you wanna access the panel, just select the rig.

If you've got a slower computer, I'd suggest you run simplify at 1 subdivision at 2k capped texture resolution.

I would also highly recommend that you use the buttons to hide any sort of hair in the viewport. It's a performance killer. You can almost move him with the rig twice as fast without it on in solid view.


Model is sitting below 20k quads but in Eevee, if you go really close to the dick, it starts lagging. It's probably a limitation due to all the masking going on. Cycles works fine.


Still adding a proper wet map but the current one will do. Also, fixing bugs is what I plan on doing, so, report them.


Likkez for the dick rig creator thing. Bless him.


-v.1.1 released

  • -Added viewport/render visibility buttons.
  • -Added particle eyebrows.
  • -Added particle beard/mustache.
  • -Fixed SSS on genitals.
  • -Rewrote the script for compatibility between my other models.
  • -Redid the hair.

-v.1.0 released

  • -Initial version.


Hit me up on Twitter if you make something nice. @AngryKarakuri


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  The_New_Dude_v_1_1_ready.blend   5613 2023-01-18 09:16:39 115.96 MB
  The_New_Dude_v1_0.blend   1127 2023-01-16 20:53:00 91.6 MB
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