Maid Marian 1.5c

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Update 17.04.2023 - Changelog:

  • Added new outfits. Includes 6 new outfits sets beisdes the original bdsm one (so in total 7 distinct outfits):

a) adventurer outfit (inspired by Lara Croft): enter image description here b) full dress: enter image description here c) bridal outfit/underwear: enter image description here enter image description here d) outfit based on the original from ElevenEndless: enter image description here e) new bdsm outfit with another piercings,legwear/armwear and rope harness (ropes can be modified/extended allowing for easier making of bondage stuff): enter image description here f) underwear variant: enter image description here

  • Added toeclaws and additional finger ones as in alternative option to nails

  • Added demon horns and color palette change for an alternative/transformed version of her

  • Added pawpads for the feet and hands (the latter is toggleable)

enter image description here

  • Added more shapekeys (mainly size change/collision deformation for the breasts)

enter image description here

  • Changed some shapekeys to a drivers so now these are accessible to modification in graph editor

  • The old outfit and body parts like Marian's eyes and old outfit got updated textures (old ones are still available)

  • Minor tweaks, fixes and improvements, reorganized collection structure.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Original Description

I did not make this model - only commissioned it and releasing this with original artist permission as the owner of the model:

Long story short - commissioned this model around 2016/2017 from EndlessIllussion as off-model/voluptuous version of Maid Marian. Didn't do much with it for a few years until April this year as it didn't have a proper working rig. But thanks to, who recommended a good rigger it was possible to make one (and add handful of other upgrades in the process).

enter image description here

Containing shapekeys for facial control, body type/mesh modification, control for privates like pussy, anus and few other miscellaneous areas.

enter image description here

It has several outfit and body props/variations (all toggleable):

enter image description here

Authors - author of original model - rig, most of the shapekeys - digitrade feet mod, new outfit - QA testing, additional props, futa extension and countless animations using this model (also cover and renders for this submission) - additional shapekeys, props, remodelling work

For clarification about crediting - mentioning only original author when posting your stuff based on this model is fine (though other names would be welcome too since they made a ton of improvements and modifications in it - especially OatmealPecheneg and Retopologizer in case of newest version).

Known issues

  • The model and rig itself was tested on Blender 3.4 and it's only version confirmed to be working so far. Tried it also for version 2.9 but in this one the vertex groups and rig get broken.

  • Due to overhauled, higher quality textures, subdivision modifiers and overall bigger amount of outfit props in the collection - the version 1.5c might be heavy to run on some configurations. Main workaround for this issue would be disabling subdivision on body/props, completely remove it or remove entire outfit parts/sets and leave only needed ones.


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  MaidMarianV1.5c.rar   860 2023-04-17 13:37:31 83.54 MB
  MaidMarianV1.4.rar   1930 2022-12-27 16:37:57 38.3 MB
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