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Tracer's default model from Overwatch 2, with a little bit of custom work done on the side.

This model file has been created in Blender 2.93.5, and is made for use with Eevee, not Cycles. If you want to use her for cycles, you'll probably need to tweak the shaders some.

I also haven't tested how she behaves in newer versions of Blender. I'd assume there wouldn't be any issues using her in Blender 3, but don't sue me if I'm wrong.

I put her together from a dirty NinjaRipper export. All of the weighting and rigging is custom and not from the game, so it's fair to blame me if you find things wrong :D


  • Her full default outfit complete with all decals and in-game detail maps
  • Separate version of her jacket without all the rigging for the accelerator, for a more casual look
  • All materials fully shaded to best match the in-game look of OW2
  • A fairly primitive but hopefully serviceable rig with a plethora of adjustment bones for deformation correction
  • Both pulse pistols (rigged with in-game bones) and her pulsebomb
  • A full bodysuit, created by yours truly, as an alternate outfit/look
  • Custom hands mesh so you can take her gloves off
  • Custom feet mesh so you can take her shoes off, because y'know, I'm me. Also comes with optional socks

A reminder that this is a SFW model, and there is no nude body underneath the suit. I strove to keep her proportions as close to her in-game model as possible; Blizzard gave her the bum, not me :d

Feel absolutely free to use her however you'd like! No need to credit me, and you're free to edit / re-use her and her assets for your own model uploads or variants.

A few other things to note:

  • There are certain areas where the automation on the adjustment bones can be temperamental, namely the wrists/forearms. I did my best to balance results with usability; if you find the transformation constraints are being problematic you can still pose the bones manually, and/or disable the trans constraints altogether.

  • Some of the node trees are a complete mess. Feel free to edit/improve them at your leisure, just be mindful of the use of multiple UVs to apply detail maps and decal textures.

  • When switching from default to her bodysuit, remember her head relies on a shapekey to prevent clipping when posing.

  • Her hands, feet, and jumpsuit jacket meshes all use mask modifiers to prevent clipping when the gloves, shoes, and jumpsuit meshes are used respectively. Be sure to toggle them as needed to avoid conflicts.

  • I left in an Action in the Action Editor for the animation of her chronal accelerator rings, in case anyone wants to use it. The energy orbs shaders are also animated to the same timing (a 120 frame loop). The keyframes can be found on the mapping node in the 'Tracer_Glow_Orb' material if you want to remove them.


Made a few quick changes in light of some issues:

  • Fixed an incorrect texture issue on the jacket metallic materials
  • Added missing bump mapping to jacket metallic material
  • Tweaked behaviour of the shoulder buckles to more closely follow the shoulder when posing the arms
  • Added a proper set of IK/FK switches for the arms and legs, with panel bones on a separate armature layer
  • Parented all meshes to the armature, because somehow I forgot to do that :D


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