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HELP: Textures black? Save and restart blender. The script didn't fire off yet. This happens when appending. More info below.

Metal mommy is here!


Daz Poison made from scratch. An attempt to stay true to the original as close as possible while carrying her over to a bit more "realistic" look.


-Original game clothing features

-Original game hair features

-2K and 4K textures (2K clothing and 4K body textures)

-A maybe good or okay hair rig (tried my best to make it easy to use)

-2 different hairs available (hair cards and the old method curve hair)

-Custom panel

-Whip rig (easy usage by parenting the root bone to one of her hands for example and moving the other bone for auto rotation of the whole thing)

-4 particle hair pubes to choose from (dupe and change the grooming to make custom ones and uninstance beforehand)

-Color customization to kinda replica in-game skin selection

-All clothes adapt to body shapes

-Optional chains and cuffs included. No way to weightpaint those properly but they're there if you wanna have a go and they work if you don'd do crazy poses.

-Extra panties/thong thing included

-Physics are also set up. Use the custom panel to toggle it. (Regular proxy setup)

-Genital customization sliders along with body customization sliders are there


-Blender 3.3+

-Diffeomorphic 1.6+

-MHX Runtime (optional)


-Clicking the rig and using the panel will prevent you from having to navigate through the abyss of nodes and gives quick access to some features.

-If you want to use her high heels, use the "Fit Shoes" option in the panel and just move/rotate the foot IK bone. It works very nicely. If you only want her to wear one shoe, you can mask the shapekey off with a custom vertex group (don't auto-normalize or she will explode).

-Face bones work through Diffeomorphic's sliders. If you want to use bones, nuke the drivers. Didn't do it because I can't work on two different versions.

-Definitely hide the hair and such if you're working on the base pose. It's kind of heavy. Might save you a couple of frames.


You can append the "Append" collection. Technically, the script should get imported automatically. If it doesn't want to run, re-run blender and it should fire off. If not, append the text file, click the rig and run the script.

There are drivers set up with her custom panel handling lots of things. If the script isn't running, it's all at 0 which in return also means black colors.

To Do

-Custom wet mask

-Swimsuit thing I had in mind

-Bug fixes you report

-Adding features you may recommend

-Cleaning up the blend file

Tag me on Twitter if you wanna share your creations! https://twitter.com/AngryKarakuri


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