3D printable sextoys(mold) (for man only)

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3D printable sextoys - forms for sillicone

       Warning not made for dumnb people-not perfect made(some simple modifieers) not 100% realistic
       Warning tested on 15cm dick, if you have smaller or bigger need to be changed-be    warned of silicon tearing if you have big dong or abusing

sillicone- sanitary transparrent +water based food coloring(if you dont know) Included Included models

  • Human female mouth(custom inner) + part of nose (40% tight)
  • Human female vagina and anal(30% tight)
  • Mare anal and vagina(70% tight)
  • dog/some creature(used my dog model) vagina and anal

3d printer ender 3 pro settings

  • 0,24mm height
  • max speed 50mm/s
  • pla white
  • tenp 220/60


  • outside covering(outer pairs)-3h each
  • inside(the most important for pleasure) 2h for part
  • front 6-7h
  • cover 1-2h

time cca

  • mouth cca 3+3+2+4+1
  • other (3+3)+(3+3)+2+2+7+2

used silicon for model 250-450ml

        Warning the model is not done yet out of form need to be post procesd

post proccesing

  • after taking out of form you cant use it
  • silicon vill smell so very strong you need some day to cure and avaporate
  • during this time you need t put on both sides of tubes silicon and squish it to make from O to some kind of I shape(just enouth to make it tight not too much because in big amount silicon loose flexibility- will crush your dick) also separete during this time anal part from vagina-if you connct it there is high chance to shred middle and cause permanent damage
  • recoment more often cleaning after finishing up to speed up to time to useable

Toy is done but for more pleasure and effectivness i recomend buy some pillow/soft toy and put it in there

HOW long it take to use it from starting printing? -like 3-4 days idk how much time you have

Is it worh it, why i cant just pay like 10bucks and get industrial made sex to with better quallity for cheaper?-because same human shit , if you want to buy some other type it will be more expencive also not customable-if you can buy what you want(but tight hole is tight hole no matter the creature, dude go and see how many dick and dong are there and not much holes)

don't judge me for my english sorry(not sorry)


Big files sorry


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Dog_vagina_and_anal.rar   329 2022-09-13 21:42:27 370.05 MB
  Horse_anal_vagina.rar   311 2022-09-13 21:42:31 18.47 MB
  Female_mouth.rar   298 2022-09-13 21:42:52 370.82 MB
  Human_Vagin_and_anal.rar   388 2022-09-13 21:43:22 376.0 MB
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