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Ling Xiaoyu - Tekken

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  • Uses an Autorig-pro armature. You will require to install the rigtools add-on to avoid having any issues and to be able to use all the rig's features without any problem.
  • It uses the MustardUI menu to facilitate the use of the outfits and other properties this model has:
  • 7 Outfits
  • 4 Hairstyles
  • 2 Makeup Options
  • Shapekeys for genitals and nipples
  • Skin wetness, Subsurface, Normal strength and genital swelling properties sliders.
  • Easy simplify option for quick viewport performance.

[Important read FAQ]

- This model is compatible with Blender 3.4.0 and newer versions, 
loading it in any of the previous version may not work.    
- If you want to see better detail for muscle shapekeys, turn smooth corrective off.
- Activate the "Advanced" Bone Armature Layer to see more bone options for the Torso and limbs.
- Save the blend file in the same folder you chose to extract the "textures.7z" file. 
Open blend file after you extracted the zip, if you still managed to get missing textures, go to 
"File>External Data>Find Missing Files", then select the textures folder, and save.
- The Rig tools (version 3.67.12) add-on is required to have access to the "head/neck follow lock" and "IK-FK", 
snapping settings for limbs in the active workspace and tool menu.  (If you have the full version of 
Auto-rig pro don't install this, this is only required for animators that don't own the full version)
- Install rig-tools like any add-on 
(preferences>Add-ons>Install>select zip(press the check box to activate.)
- If you have questions about how to utilize the ARP rig, check the rig's FAQ page:
- IF you have any problems with the UI menu, check out Mustard's FAQ page
- Use 7zip to extract the textures to avoid any issues.
- If you got missing textures (pink) check out this tutorial:
- If you still got missing textures it's most likely your zip file containing the textures 
got damaged during thedownload and some texture files were damaged, try downloading again.


Update 1.01

  • Skin shader minor update.
  • Hair reflection toned down to be more natural for all hairs.
  • Updated bone shapes for toes
  • Blender 3.3.0 compatibility
  • Updated MustardUI script

Update 1.02

  • Fixed feet nails colors now working.

Update 1.03

  • Updated Armature (new ARP Spine single control bone) (Download latest Rig tools)
  • Fixed Head scale proportion
  • Updated hair textures from tga to png to avoid having weird artifacts on cycles.
  • Fixed knee posing issue (root leg bone location issue)
  • Updated Mustard UI
  • Fixed Missing Particle pubic hair
  • Updated Hair shaders (tuned down reflections when lamps are too close)
  • Updated Closed Eyelids auto pose (use the c_eyelid_top bones)

Thanks to:

  • MustardSFM for the UI script.
  • Rolance for some outfit meshes.
  • SFMNoob for some outfit meshes.
  • necroalx for some game resources.
  • Calibrator for the translucency setting hair shaders

Contact me about any trouble you may find with this model after reading the FAQ posted above: my twitter


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  LingXiaoyu_1.03_by_mokujinh.blend   1062 2022-12-11 14:16:57 21.05 MB
  Xiaoyu_v1.03_textures.7z   960 2022-12-11 14:17:17 377.97 MB   436 2022-12-11 14:17:17 38.64 KB
File contents:
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This is where imperialists and fascists would show a depraved capitalist advert. Thank you for being a member of the Communist Party!
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