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PLEASE REPORT ALL ISSUES & BUGS IN DM HERE: https://twitter.com/F3ynix

Please credit me if you use her, I would like to see what you can make with her!

Hitomi finally has her best friend ready too for some naughty games! Clearly not the most desired chick, yet one of the most beautiful ones, but it wasn't fair for Hitomi to let her alone without her friend. Please give her a go, she's highly underrated!

It's by far the best model I've done to date, and the fact I changed the body I use as base and that I know more how to properly make use of the game assets (especially textures) makes a huge difference. Many corrective shape keys were added (see below) for more legit and smooth deformations.

This time haircuts were completely rigged by hand for decent deformations!

Also, it's my first model with fully normalized weights.

Disclaimer 1: On the contrary of my previous models, outfits won't automatically adapt themselves when tweaking body morphs. There are much more shape keys on this body than on Arhoangel's model. Way too much for the shape transfer addon to handle and it would take me years to transfer them to each piece of outfit (not to mention that I can't even just select the ones that I would like to transfer). So sorry, but from now on you'll have to sculpt clothes yourself is you change Lei's body shape.

Disclaimer 2: Some outfits/pieces of outfits don't have Subdivision modifier because their topology gets ruined by this one and I don't have skills or knowledge to fix this. Don't hesitate to contact me if you know how to fix this. I would really like to learn about this <3

Disclaimer 3: Regarding her body shape, I used both model's shape keys and sculpting to find a good mix between her vanilla body shape and my own tastes. Sure her butt isn't supposed to be so big and her breasts a bit smaller, but hey, that's my model... And if you really don't like it, you always have the liberty to disable the shape key I did to have the original build-a-bod shape and make your own body's look ;)

Release content

  • Build-A-Bod body from Smutbase & textures from Daz, head and hair from DoA6
  • Custom Eyes, teeth and tongue. Original ones are way too low poly or with low resolution textures.
  • She's Eevee ready. She should be usable under Cycles but I can't guarantee anything.
  • A lot more customization body morphs than on my previous models
  • 5 outfits from DoA6. I tried to give them the same shading than the ingame one
  • 6 haircuts from DoA6, all manually rigged.
  • Corrective shape keys for knees, elbows, jaw, eyelids and ankles
  • Breast and butt physics for animation, controlled with MustardUI
  • MustardUI


Version 1.20 (14/01/2023) - BLENDER 3.3 REQUIRED

  • Weight paint fixes regarding torso, shoulders and armpits
  • New corrective shape keys for armpits and butt
  • Fixed foot IK controllers rotation axis; heel bones now deform ankles as they should
  • Fixed physics proxies not following the armature
  • Fixed missing textures for hair buns
  • Mustard UI has been updated to properly work on Blender 3.3

Version 1.10 (01/09/2022)

  • Fixed the RAM consumption by lowering all Subdvision modifiers' values from outfits and some body parts that were uselessly high, especially on the buns where it was subdivided 6 times on render to mask a shading error. After fixing the shading, 1 subdivision is more than enough. RAM consumption got from 50 Gb when rendering on Eevee, for Leifang on its own, to 18/19 Gb. I'll continue to work on this to make her (and the future models) usable for more people.
  • Fixed DoA6 default outfit buns' bones not following the model. Those bones are now parented to the head.

How to use different features

All textures are packed in the .blend, but for lower memory usage, I highly recommend you to unpack them by going to File > External Data > Unpack Resources.

Almost everything is controlled through MustardUI except for some things:

Customization body morphs can be used on the Shapekey panel in Properties > Object Data Properties

For eye color/emission and all other eye shading properties you need to go on the shading nodes to tweak values


Blender 3.0

She won't work on any previous version of Blender.


Thanks a lot to:

  • HentaiBorg for providing to me all needed game assets. The quality of this model wouldn't be possible without these assets!
  • Neroticus for the base body: https://smutba.se/project/21/
  • Mustard for the awesome UI
  • PhysX and lewdgazer for the precious help!
  • Radianteld for teaching me how to achieve better deformations with normalized weight painting.
  • lewdgazer and Sampples for the beta testing
  • lewdgazer for this beautiful illustration picture


SmutBase is a free service. However, it costs about $0.03 to deliver you a 1GB file. With over 20TB of traffic every month and growing, SmutBase needs your help. If only 1% of our users each gave us $5 for a single month, we could keep the site running for several years.

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Leifang_1.20_public.blend   819 2023-01-13 23:17:12 379.08 MB
  Leifang_1.10_public.blend   1061 2022-09-01 18:11:51 341.42 MB
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