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PLEASE REPORT ALL ISSUES & BUGS IN DM HERE: https://twitter.com/F3ynix

The DOAXVV milf is finally here! Some of you waited for her, and she's probably the most desired chick from the game. I invested many hours to release the best model I can do for her, so I hope you guys will like her <3

One disclaimer tho: for those who are expecting another Daz imported model with trillions of corrective shapekeys, go on your way. She was done from scratch in Blender. So expect some flaws in weight painting since it has been done by hand and that it's my second model to date. But if you know how to fix some areas like armpits, back torso or other problematic areas, I would appreciate that you teach me how to do it so I can give her the model that she really deserves!

Also please credit me if you use her, I would like to see what you can make with her!

Release content

  • Arhoangel's body, head and hair from DoAXVV
  • Custom Eyes, teeth and tongue. Original ones are way too low poly or with low resolution textures.
  • She's Eevee ready. She should be usable under Cycles but I can't guarantee anything.
  • All customization body morphs from Arhoangel models
  • 5 outfits from Ahroangel's Mai model and from DoAXVV
  • 2 haircuts
  • Breast and butt physics for animation, controlled with MustardUI
  • MustardUI


Version 1.4 (14/01/2023) - BLENDER 3.3 REQUIRED

  • Weight paint fixes regarding torso, shoulders and armpits
  • New corrective shape keys for armpits and butt
  • Fixed foot IK controllers rotation axis; heel bones now deform ankles as they should
  • Converted main hair topology from tris to quads and deleted double vertices; subdivision was added and can now works properly
  • Mustard UI has been updated to properly work on Blender 3.3

Version 1.3 (20/08/2022)

  • Fixed corrective shape keys which reached the 1 value too soon, which led to wrong deformations
  • New and optimized skin shading
  • Simplify button of Mustard's UI is now enabled for much better performances
  • Normalized weight painting and fixed deformations on armpits
  • Fixed shape keys deformations on Nurse outfit
  • Fixed breasts not moving with physics

Huge thanks to Radianteld for teaching normalized weight painting!

Version 1.2 (02/08/2022)

  • Mustard UI updated to This version adds a Simplify button on outfits and hair sections (you need to activate Advanced Options in UI Settings) which disables armature modifiers for all non visible outfits/hair, which provides a good performance boost. Greatly recommended for animators!
  • Adjustements on jaw deformation bones and corrective shape key added to get rid (mostly) of this awful Rigify jaw deformation
  • Corrective shape keys for knees and elbows added

You can check all deformations improvements here: https://twitter.com/F3ynix/status/1554556150863040514

Thanks a lot to Mustard for this performance boost with his UI update and to Axcell for teaching me how to add corrective shape keys on Rigify rigs!

Version 1.1 (01/07/2022)

Requirement: Blender 3.2

She works on 3.1 and 3.0 as well but you'll might encounter some issues.

  • Mustard UI updated to It now works properly on 3.2. Thanks a lot to Mustard for this fix!
  • Skin shading reworked to give it more details
  • Ambient occlusion added for skin on Eevee
  • Blush option added (it was already there but I forgot to put it in Mustard UI)
  • Hair colour option fixed (the node was disconnected)
  • Face mole separated from body's mesh. This one was causing a subsurface scattering issue on Cycles (it became red under the mole)
  • File compression activated to save your memory space!

Version 1.0.1 (22/04/2022)

  • Added missing textures for ponytail haircut and XPS outfits that I forgot to pack before uploading the file

How to use different features

Almost everything is controlled through MustardUI except for some things:

Customization body morphs are controlled on the Shapekey panel in Properties > Object Data Properties

Eye color/emission and all other eye shading properties need you to go on the shading nodes to tweak values


Blender 3.0

She won't work on any previous version of Blender.


Thanks a lot to:

  • Arhoangel for the base body
  • Shuubaru for head and Hair
  • Arhoangel and Shuubaru for outfits
  • Mustard for the UI
  • Ajax3D, Laosduude, Ciel and PunkCrow for beta testing
  • Laosduude and Ajax3D for those amazing posters!


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Sayuri_1.4.blend   740 2023-01-13 23:15:52 291.41 MB
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  Sayuri_1.3.blend   1362 2022-08-26 16:47:01 290.89 MB
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  Sayuri_1.2.blend   926 2022-08-02 20:09:14 290.96 MB
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  Sayuri_1.1.blend   1141 2022-07-01 15:38:10 290.94 MB
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  Sayuri_1.0.1.blend   2409 2022-04-22 09:03:50 395.07 MB
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