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This is a rigify feature set containing various rig types that might be useful when creating adult animations.


The target audience for this feature set is people with a decent grasp of rigify, if this is not you please familiarize yourself with the addon first.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Navigate to Edit>Preferences>Add-ons>rigify
  3. Install feature Set from file, and select the zip file



  • Introduced new rigtypes: spline_control, tentacle, and tentacle_segment. These types are intended to be used for tentacle stuff.
  • Added proper error checking to the cloth-hook type, it will now check if all vertex group names among bones match.
  • moved some of the properties of the shrinkwrap type from hidden bones to control bones to make them easier to keyframe.


  • initial release

known issues

  • Due to the required python drivers the newly introduced tentacle types don't play nice with appending/linking. To get around this issue simply run the following line in the python console with the armature selected after appending/linking:

for fcu in C.object.anim_data.drivers: fcu.driver.type = fcu.driver.type

Rig Types

the feature set currently contains 7 rig types:


  • A wrapper around the shrinkwrap constraint. Useful when you need a bone to be pushed by or pulled to the surface of a mesh. Comes with additional controls to create offsets, aim at specific surface parts, and tweak the final position.


  • A rig type that aims to make it less painful to animate the pulling of clothing that is affected by a cloth sim, by automatically setting up the relevant pin groups and modifiers required, and providing properties in the N-panel to easily manage the strength of various pin groups. (see this tutorial for the general idea).


  • Provides a simple alternative to jiggle bone addons by converting a rotation from a damped track (pointing to some physics proxy) to a translation + rotation. Comes with settings to specify the amount of translation and rotation in the x and z axis.


  • Builds upon the above type by providing additional features commonly required to animate things like breasts.


  • A rig type whos sole purpose is to control a bezier curve.

NTR.spline.tentacle & NTR.spline.tentacle_segment

  • The tentacle types uses the above spline_control type and provides functionality to move a chain of bones along the spline, and perform other movements in relation to the spline.

each of the types above has a dedicated tutorial blend file where the rig type is explained in detail. Please study these before asking any questions.

(penis in video is the generic peen found here)


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