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This is a rigify feature set containing various rig types that might be useful when creating adult animations.


The target audience for this feature set is people with a decent grasp of rigify, if this is not you please familiarize yourself with the addon first.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Navigate to Edit>Preferences>Add-ons>rigify
  3. Install feature Set from file, and select the zip file



  • fixed drivers crashing in rigs with tentacle or penetrator rig types when switching between rest and pose mode on the armature
  • fixed scaling issues with penetrator and tentacle rig types
  • armature objects with penetrator, tentacle or tracer rig types can now be moved around in the scene without things going weird


  • added an option to "stitch" the penetrator rig type to non rigify 3rd party rigs

    • you can now point to a bone in a different rig in the rig type options panel, doing so will make the rig type inject a set of deform bones into that rig and follow the given bone. There are some downsides to this approach, namely that you end up with two rigs and regenerating the rig will result in an additional set of bones being injected each time. but, this at least provides an option for people to use this along with something else.
  • added missing samples for the tracer and penetrator rig types

  • updated penetrator demo file with (missing and) newly introduced feature


  • new types no longer crash on 3.3, minimum supported blender version is now 3.3 LTS, up from 3.0


  • Introduced new rigtypes: penetrator, and tracer. These types build upon some of the previously introduced tentacle stuff to provide comprehensive rigs for penises.
  • renamed the tentacle_segment type to spline_segment
  • ShrinkWrap rigs now no longer need to specify a target upon generation. Instead the N-panel now provides a field to select targets on the fly.
  • ShrinkWrap targets can now act like they've been turned "inside out"
  • Tentacle rigs should now no longer randomly implode/explode (thanks blender)


  • Introduced new rigtypes: spline_control, tentacle, and tentacle_segment. These types are intended to be used for tentacle stuff.
  • Added proper error checking to the cloth-hook type, it will now check if all vertex group names among bones match.
  • moved some of the properties of the shrinkwrap type from hidden bones to control bones to make them easier to keyframe.


  • initial release

Rig Types

the feature set currently contains 9 rig types:


  • A wrapper around the shrinkwrap constraint. Useful when you need a bone to be pushed by or pulled to the surface of a mesh. Comes with additional controls to create offsets, aim at specific surface parts, and tweak the final position.


  • A rig type that aims to make it less painful to animate the pulling of clothing that is affected by a cloth sim, by automatically setting up the relevant pin groups and modifiers required, and providing properties in the N-panel to easily manage the strength of various pin groups. (see this tutorial for the general idea).


  • Provides a simple alternative to jiggle bone addons by converting a rotation from a damped track (pointing to some physics proxy) to a translation + rotation. Comes with settings to specify the amount of translation and rotation in the x and z axis.


  • Builds upon the above type by providing additional features commonly required to animate things like breasts.


  • A rig type whos sole purpose is to control a Bezier curve.

NTR.spline.tentacle & NTR.spline.spline_segment

  • The tentacle types uses the above spline_control type and provides functionality to move a chain of bones along the spline, and perform other movements in relation to the spline.


  • A rig type that provides tools to solve common tasks related to animating penises: e.g. angular movement, intersection with targets and skin movement.


  • A rig type that provides a simple controller "bound" to a spline, can be used in combination with the penetrator or

each of the types above has a dedicated tutorial blend file where the rig type is explained in detail. Please go over these before asking any questions.

  • Penis in the onaho video is the generic peen found here
  • Tentacle model made by @JandariMaximus
  • Penis model in the dick rig video was made by urgarulga

If you make anything interesting with it, consider tagging me @BlenderNeko_A or something to show me what you've done.

As Blender is licensed under GPL, any addon made for it almost automatically becomes GPL as well. And because this is a feature set heavily intertwined and reliant on rigify, this feature set is also licensed under GPL


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