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This is a custom made Emilie De Rochefort model, using her Tekken 6 look as a base over the Tekken Tag appearance I used for the previous model I made of her.

About this model:

  • Uses an AutoRig-Pro Armature

  • MustardUI menu

  • Compatible with Cycles and Eevee

  • 4 Hairstyles: (T6) (T7) (Braids) (Veil Tied)

  • 9 Different outfits:


-Classic white dress (T7)

-Marching Uniform (T7custom)

-"Wedding" Dress (T6)

-School uniform (T6)

-Custom Bikini and Lingerie

-Custom sport/training outfit

-Extra clothes

-Extra Cycles Hair shader

-Upscaled textures

-Genitals bone controls for shapekeys + weighted bones

-"Player 2" outfit

-Customizable for 3 T6 outfit parts in one collection

Important read:

-This model is compatible with Blender 3.1 and newer versions, 
 loading it in any of the previous version may not work.

-To view the UI menu when appending the model to other projects, you need to 
click on the armature for it to show up on the right side tool bar.

-The Rig tools add-on is required to have access to the "head/neck follow lock" 
and "IK-FK",
snapping settings for limbs in the active workspace and tool menu. 
(If you have the full version of Auto-rig pro don't install this, this is only     
required for animators that don't own the full version)

-Install rig-tools like any add-on (preferences>Add-ons>Install>select zip(press the 
check box to activate.)

-If you have questions about how to utilize the ARP rig, 
check the rig's FAQ page:

-IF you have any problems with the UI menu, check out Mustard's FAQ page

Thanks to:


Version 2.01

  • Nothing major, just added some AO to the navel textures so it won't look so "red"

  • Fixed some issues with the T6 hair and added a color ramp to make the alpha textures more clear and less buggy.

  • Optimized the viewport settings and some meshes options that were turned on by default are now hidden on the viewport (always recommend to simplify the scene and lower subdivisions to 0 for the viewport before starting your animation work).

Version 2.0

  • Added 3 customizable Outfits (check "Lili Custom" to select multiple options)

  • Added "Open" Shirt/dress to Classic outfit

  • Changed shoes for Training outfit and

  • Updated and added sandals for the Bikini outfit.

  • Fixed hair transparency issue for hairs in eevee

  • Fixed unresponsive Nails color property in menu

  • Fixed minor weighting mistakes.

  • Replaced Shoe in training outfits due to the excessive poly count caused lag in the viewport

MustardSFM ( for the UI menu script

My twitter:


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