Luka the Lucario V.1.3

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Feel free to make any edits or ports to the model as long as you credit it properly.

Do not use any of my models for content featuring underage characters.

You need Blender 3.0 or above to be able to use her properly.

As promised here is Luka's latest version for all of you to enjoy, I want to thank all my Patreon who supported me through the process of making this model and I hope everyone enjoys her as much as I enjoyed making her.

If you notice any Issues or bugs please let me know in my Twitter account.

Thanks a bunch to Agitype01 who made the design for her.

Now, some features:


-Full rig with Ik and FK controls.

-Panel with Shapekeys for ass, pussy for extra movement along with bone controls.

-Moisture (sweat) texture for the body as a slider.

-Auto rig pro Tools to be able to change between FK and IK.


-Polished some weights for the eyebrows and forehead as well as her ears.


-Fixed weight paint on her ears.

-Fixed a uv issue on the left ear.

-Polished Eyebrows weights.

-Added Extra shape keys for her mouth.

-Painted lips to add some more details and expressivity to her face.


-Someone reported an issue with the textures not showing up, I think I fixed the issue. Please let me know if this continues, send me a message on twitter.

-If still not working go to File> external data> find missing files, and go for the texture folder that should fix it.


-Improved quality of Textures.

-Simplified UV maps for porting on other platforms.

If you want to support my work and help me make more models for everyone consider dropping by on my Patreon, any support is greatly appreciated.


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Downloading Steam Workshop Files - 2022 edition
Oh no! Valve shut down the Steam Workshop downloader! Fear not, downloading still works. Sort of!

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