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Heyo, it's Yuffie Kisaragi! Brought to you in the flesh by the power of UModel and headhacking her to Tifa's body from Mustard's amazing model. Her materials are as close to her in-game appearance as I could manage, and her personality should be intact!

I know there's already a great Yuffie model by Prederty, but I told myself when Intergrade came out on PC that I was going to make my own Yuffie even if someone else beat me to the punch. I've always been a bit of a fan, so I wanted to make sure I got my own take of her out.


If you find yourself needing to sculpt her, disable her second armature modifier and her corrective smooth modifier. I find they often cause issues with sculpting that are better avoided.

Her eyebrows and eyelashes may prove to be a bit difficult to scuplt because they're controlled via helper meshes. I found these to give the best deforms, but manipulating them requires unhiding the helper meshes and sculpting them.

This model is primarily intended to be used nude, though I have included her basic outfit. If you're going to put her in clothes, be sure to turn on the "Clothes" shapekey on her body. I have also thrown in her Moogle outfit, but I didn't want to rig it because it is a pain in the ass.

I've added a few customization shapekeys that should help out some not satisfied with her current proportions. For the most part, they're just simple stuff, like giving her bigger or smaller breasts or a bigger ass. These are not compatible with her clothing currently.

The majority of the work on this has been done in Blender 3.1, with some testing done in 3.0. Usage in Blender 2.X is not supported at all.

I've included some body and face poses. I was going to put them on the PROMO screen, but unfortunately that caused her to be unable to load for my testers. I left the asset browser open in the Animation workspace, but I would advise against saving with the Animation workspace as the active workspace. If, for some reason, Blender locks up with the status bar saying "Listing Dirs..." when loading her, uncheck "Load UI" when opening the blend file, and she should load right up.


Yuffie - Square Enix

Body - Mustard, from his Tifa model

Feet - SneakySnacks


Everything else - Me!




  • Edits to eyes and hair materials for better appearance in Eevee
    • I do not have a lot of experience with Eevee
  • Improvements to toe weighting and rigging
  • Fixed eyebrow mesh unposing on render
  • Fixed rigify visualization/tracking bones for elbow/knee IK poles
  • I kept seeing Yuffie fanart with kunai, so I made/added a kunai
    • If you don't care about the Kunai, you do not need to update textures
  • Removed some unnecessary keyframes for a clean slate for posing/animating
  • Added buttons for toggling rest pose and subdivision surface to rig UI
  • Added creases to Yuffie's headband to improve subdivided appearance
  • Improvements to body UVs


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