Overwatch models used in D.va does Overwatch - 12 futas, 1 female all with particle hair

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Assortment of Overwatch models.


  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker
  • Symmetra
  • Mercy
  • Pharah
  • Zarya
  • Brigitte
  • Ana
  • Mei
  • Sombra
  • Ashe
  • D.Va

female D.va

They are all on rigify rig with custom made particle hair. The hair was commissioned from brahmangamedev@gmail.com and is shared with their permission.

Most of these models have some minor issues, I am not planning on fixing any of these issues, the project is as is. If someone provides a version with fixes, I am willing to upload it here. Obviously if there is a texture missing or something let me know.

All the models should have physics cages for breasts, thighs and balls, also the particle hair has physics. However it's possible they are not enabled from frame 1, so if the physics doesnt work, check the cache settings.

The hair is pretty heavy, I am using a script to hide the particles (physics_base_off and physics_base_on). Just run the script and it should enable/disable the particle hair and the cage physics.

FAQ: When I move the bone nothing happens

  • some of the files have snapping enabled, try turning it off


The dick IK doesn't work

  • select the shaft6 bone and check if the spline ik constraint is enabled and with influence of 1


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Ana.7z   2200 2022-02-04 14:34:39 409.25 MB
File contents:
  Ashe.7z   1974 2022-02-04 14:35:02 443.3 MB
File contents:
  Brigitte.7z   2340 2022-02-04 14:35:47 739.29 MB
File contents:
  Dva_female.7z   2365 2022-02-04 14:36:18 392.35 MB
File contents:
  Dva_futa.7z   1976 2022-02-04 14:36:48 500.22 MB
File contents:
  Mei.7z   2014 2022-02-04 14:54:10 616.59 MB
File contents:
  Mercy.7z   2091 2022-02-04 14:55:03 712.14 MB
  Pharah.7z   1725 2022-02-04 14:55:35 401.67 MB
  Sombra.7z   1807 2022-02-04 14:55:59 287.39 MB
File contents:
  Symmetra.7z   1576 2022-02-04 15:16:14 460.76 MB
File contents:
  Tracer.7z   2241 2022-02-04 15:16:53 590.05 MB
File contents:
  Widow.7z   2282 2022-02-04 15:17:37 648.68 MB
File contents:
  Zarya.7z   1745 2022-02-04 15:18:06 378.17 MB
File contents:
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