Cumming with Particles system + Geonode

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  • Keyframmed GeoCum and temporaryMesh to prevent users and blender from moving/rotating/scaling them. and reduced the amount of particles to 250 for performance, feel free to set whatever you want, just don't make your file crash.


  • For some reason I scaled the temporarymesh by 2. Reset/clear the scale no need to re-download.

  • Added a mesh to kill particles, can be used to control the ejaculation instead of playing with the velocity. It is just a plane with collision and with [kill particles] checked



  1. -Faster than using ~real~ fluid simulation like mantaflow and Flip Fluids.
  2. -Doesn't requires any add-on, you might get better result with molecular add-on, I haven't test it yet.
  3. -Better than the other version that I posted with metaballs, better viewing angle.
  4. -It's free.
  5. -Small pp jizz,it works with big pp too!
  6. -Lot of room for improvement and can be customized. Learn more:
  7. -Fast bake time, assuming you don't have a potato PC.
  8. -Dripping and Hanging effects(almost).


  1. -It's Suzanne, not 2B.
  2. -High CPU usage(smooth modifiers/shrinkwrap can be turn off for preview).
  3. -Adjustment are not beginner friendly
  4. -The last frame doesn't render(no cum), make sure to set an extra frame.
  5. -Laggy

Why it works?

  1. -Emitter: particles + liquid effects.

  2. -TemporaryMesh: It tracks the particles position from the emitter with the this modiifier: Particle Instance. Then the geometry node will take the vertices and turn them into points>volume> geometry mesh.

  3. -Colliders (meshes with collision turned on): to interact with the particles.

  4. -GeoCum(cum/fluid mesh): Geometry node to create the volume using the temporary mesh

Missing 1 of 4 keys element doesn't render anything, well collider is optional but still.

You can use the good old copy/paste and paste to your scene, by selecting the emitter + TemporaryMesh + GeoCum >copy(ctrl + c)> and paste (ctrl+v)to your scene .

Make sure the GeoCum and temporaryMesh are at the center 0,0,0 and no scaling/rotation for those 2 meshes.

*** Particles visibility are off by default on the emitter you can turn it back on in the particle system's settings> viewport display tab.


-You might want to use dynamic paint for better result on the skin or object's surface, not beginner friendly depending on the shader of your model, go watch some tutorial and documentation. I would set the dynamic paint: brush on the particle system, I haven't test it on the geometry node's mesh.

-You can adjust the emitter, my settings are not perfect.

-Setting that are easy to adjust in the emitter:

  1. -Number(how thick). (Not too high, but set whatever you want with a threadripper!)
  2. -Frame Start/End.
  3. -Lifetime(how long it will stay visible after cumming out).
  4. -Emit from: Face or Volume
  5. -Velocity 0 to 8m/s gives decent results. keyframe this for fun, ok?

-Setting for the colliders:

  1. -you might want to create a proxy collider(smaller than the original one) so the particle can overlap with your mesh.
  2. -you should set your damping and friction to 1 to avoid splash and bounce and high speed sliding.
  3. -Stickyness, not too high and not too low either.

-Turn off the geometry node for better performance, use the temporary mesh as reference.

Choose your cum shader here:

I got a better understanding blender particles system, i think.

Blender hates small particles and small metaballs.

Stiffness and Viscosity with particles size under 0.001 just explode.

*The follwing informations might be wrong, but it just works.

To bypass some issues with the particles system for the Stiffness and Viscosity, I raised the particles mass to 500kg. Why? I dunno, it just works!

I set the timesteps to 0.010 and the subframes to greater than 10. the default value doesn't give nice dripping effect.

Now to get the particles to turn into a decent mesh that is thinner than a metaball (0.005 m). I created an icosphere and scaled it down and applied the scale with the following modifier: Particle Instance. it will create instance of itself using the particle system that i created above. I know that we can use the particles system to create instances of icospheres but with the settings I have up there, it might create more problem, if particle system the doesn't like the scale of my object. Beside with this method, my icosphere can overlap with itself so it doesn't create huge round gaps and it will help generate a better looking mesh in the Geometry node.

Now to generate our fluid mesh. I created a plane(could be any kind of mesh, and won't be visible anyway) and added a geometry node modifier.

Created an input for the icospheres, turn the vertices into points and point into volumes (setting values under 0.001 can cause extreme lag) volume to mesh and set the resolution to grid, so it behaves like metaballs. The generated mesh looks a bit sharp, but we are using geometry node, we can add modifiers, unlike metaballs.But don't forget to set up a material, otherwise your fluid mesh will be just plain white.

Feel free to use any cum shader or mayo/ketchup shader, I use the one that is provided by Rigid3D's cum tutorial.

Change material in the geometry node tab

I added a smooth modifier to smooth it down, then I added an optional shrinkwrap modifier to create better looking edge and another smooth modifier, to smooth it again. Optional, we can shrink it down a little bit further with a displace modifier too.

Still have a lot of room for improvement.

*** I just found out, while setting up Suzanne that geometry node is totally optional. It can be done with the remesh modifier too.

Sorry bad grammar and vocabulary and wall of text.


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