[Warcraft] Worgen Female 3.0

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!!! INSTALL "auto-rig pro tools.zip" AS ADDON otherwise your rig will miss alot of cool features !!!


This file is my version of the female Worgen from World of Warcraft. Completely made from scratch using the original model as basis.



Changes from 2.0:

  1. Completely new toplogy, genitals and rig plus I added a tongue.

  2. Poly count is lowered significantly to increase viewport performance. In the final render, the subdivision surface modifier will take care of everything.

  3. The rig is made via auto-rig pro and some manual adjustments. The rig comes with the following features (rig tools required to access most of these!):

    • FK/IK switch for arms and legs
    • FK/IK switch for fingers
    • Bendy, stretch and twist bones
    • Elbow/knee pinning
    • Head lock switching
    • Toe pivot and pole parent lock switching
    • Eye tracking bones
    • A completely new setup for the face
    • Tongue rig
  4. Revamped alot of shape keys. They can hopefully provide you with a good baseline for your custom body shapes.

  5. I did not bother providing more body textures since you can just use your own. Maybe I will add them in at a later date (with Gigapixel upscaling).

  6. Fixed the DK eye glow. It is also animated.


"WorgenFemale_3.0.blend" is everything packed in one project file. Ready to use.

"Assets - WorgenF_3.0 Body and rig.blend" and "Assets - WorgenF_3.0 Customization.blend" are meant to be used as asset library, which requires Blender 3.0 or higher! Just unpack the "textures.zip" and both of the project file into the same folder and tell blender to use them as asset library.


Do not redistribute the model, claim it as your own or upload changes to the model without my permission. It took alot of work to get everything going since almost everything is made from scratch.

If you have issues or you want to make edits/fixes or updates, I can upload them. I am available on twitter @Worgan_Freeman1 and @nsfworgan.


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  Worgen_Female_3.0.zip   1094 2022-08-18 19:55:19 4.73 MB
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  Worgen_Female_3.0-textures.zip   858 2022-08-18 19:55:35 295.63 MB
File contents:
  Assets_-_WorgenF_3.0_Body_and_rig.zip   579 2022-08-18 19:55:36 3.48 MB
File contents:
  Assets_-_WorgenF_3.0_Customization.zip   552 2022-08-18 19:55:37 5.18 MB
File contents:
  Assets_-_Demonstration_videos.zip   437 2022-08-18 19:55:51 135.04 MB
File contents:
  rig_tools_3.68.12.zip   184 2023-04-26 17:19:18 38.08 KB
File contents:
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