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Here Elenor Camuel, a character from the first Phantasy Star Online. (sega dreamcast era)
It was created using the Demi model of FiaVoidWolf as base.
I spent near all my free time from the 3-4 last month on this. (Sure thing, I didn't play any game since september)

  • Textures are in a external zip.
  • About 90% of the model have been converted to quad.(also removed some edge/vertex that wasn't part of any face)
  • Now, subdivision modifier have almost no impact on render time.
  • Recreated the materials.
  • Redone the rig. (way less drivers, bones, property, etc and is/do not require autorig pro anymore.)
  • Model has same nipple than other subverse character. (texture, uv, shape "transfered" from Killi)
  • Nipple control via custom property on the armature.
  • Has pose asset. (require blender 3.0 or higher)
  • Edited the body normal map texture to fix "dark spot". (fingers,crotch area, scratch on boob)
  • Edited the weight of some faulty vertex on the face. (brow/eyelid, teeth)
  • Added some Smooth Corrective modifier. (because armature "preserve volume" don't do great on this model)
  • Upscaled PSO2 texture with Cupscale. (were causing "pixelated" issue)
  • Mesh from PSO2 are lower poly and should have a subdivision one level higher than subverse mesh. (to keep same density)
  • There is a script that will change the render subdivision level accordingly. (just edit the value of sublvl)
  • Note that the "lights" on the model are auto-animated.

Getting started

  • If not already, enable the "Pose Library" Add-ons.
  • Create a new Asset Library (or use the default one). (In blender, Edit/Preferences.../File Paths/Asset Libraries)
  • Add "ElenorCamuel_v#.blend" and "blender_assets.cats.txt" to the Asset Library folder.
  • In the Asset Browser, change the "Current File" toolbox to your Asset Library.
  • Extract "ElenorCamuel_textures" zip and place the "textures" folder in the same place of your blend.
  • Append the "ElenorCamuel" collection to your blend. (In blender, File/Append.../?/ElenorCamuel_v#.blend/Collection/ElenorCamuel)
  • Make blender find the textures. (In blender, File/External Data/Find Missing Files/ Select same folder than your blend)


Model is purple?
This is because the textures files are missing.
Please read the "Getting started".

Lowered the speed of the Emission line on body and/or face but they went wild instead?
This is because this node will work with only a few specific speed value or else it go crazy. (At least if you want to go "slow" and I don't know why)
1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16, 1/128, 1/256, 1/512, 1/1024, 1/2048, 1/4096...

Posing the model caused twist?(like limb)
Use "Helper" bones to fix it. (first layer of the second row)

About Pose Assets

  • Converted daz3d base head/expression pose to pose asset.
  • Converted daz3d base hand/finger pose to pose asset.
  • Converted daz3d "all hands" pose to pose asset.
  • Changed tongue bones roll so they work correctly with "pose flip". (from 90 to 0)

There is a couple of "default" pose. (pose that will set the bone transform back at default)

  • "AH Pose00" default the whole hand.
  • "Brow" default the eyebrows.
  • "Cheek" default the cheeks.
  • "Expression" default the whole face. (mouth, tongue, eyebrows, etc)
  • "Eye" default the upper eyelid and squint.
  • "Fingers" default all the fingers except the thumb.
  • "Hand" default the whole hand.
  • "Jaw" default the jaw.
  • "Lip" default the lips.
  • "Nose" default the nose.
  • "Thumb" default the thumb.
  • "Tongue" default the tongue.
  • "Viseme" default the whole lower face. (everything except upper eyelid and eyebrow)

Note that some of the pose asset may affect more bone than their equivalent "default" pose.
For exemple, some cheeks pose also use squint, nose and lips bone.

Model have some "unusual" fingers rig.
If following conventional rotation of the fingers bones, you end up with all pose looking like "claw grip", finger collapsing into each other, etc.(short, will never go even close to match daz3d pose)
By going unconventional, you can get pretty close result to daz3d.
The "default" pose asset relating to hands do not actually clear the bone rotation transform, but rather change it back to match daz3d model.
If you need to "reset" a finger bone, I recommend that you apply one of the default pose asset rather than using blender clear rotation.

To do?

Model do not have physic I'm not good at figuring out value to use for blender physic/jiggle breast/butt bones.
If someone already made it for Demi(or other subverse model), it will be nice if they could share with everyone.

Credit / Special Thanks

  • Sega
  • Studio FOW
  • FiaVoidWolf
  • Rigid3d
  • That friend of mine that sent me the PSO2 files I requested

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Blender Asset Manager Introduction
The Blender 3.0 kicks of with a BAM! The Asset Manager is a hot new feature that allows for easy re-use of models.

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