NSFW-Bunnie Rabbot Model Collection By Rotalice2

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This pack consists of 4 Bunnie models with separate outfits each with special and shared features I have included a README file with special instructions on how to get them working PLEASE read it!

another thing to note is that there are two versions of this pack one is made for blender 2.9.2 and the other is only good for blender 3.0 the reason this happened is a long story and mostly an accident so I'll just let that rest as is XD. largely the IK/FK switches for the 2.9.2 version are controlled by bones directly in the rig and 3.0 has those controls and custom properties that appear on the right-hand side of the 3D window when the rig is selected in pose mode!

You will find additional instructions on how to make sure these controls are working right in the README text. If you have any issues or questions regarding the models or how they function, feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll do what I can to explain myself.

The following is a list of features starting with common features shared across all models. some features will cancel out others so keep this in mind:

Shared Features: These features are common across all models

  • Color-Switcher (Toggle between Bunnie’s two fur color patterns)
  • Cybernetic_Arm (Toggle between mechanical and organic arm)
  • Cybernetic_legs (Toggle between mechanical and organic legs)
  • Wedding_Ring (Toggle ring visibility)
  • Wide_hips (Use this slider to slightly widen bunnies hips and thighs)
  • Belly_Pudge ( Use this slider to give Bunnie a small paunch)
  • Muzzle-Switch (Toggle between bunnies whiskers and smooth muzzle)
  • Inverse and Forward kinematics switches for arms legs and fingers
  • Clothes toggle (toggle the nudity of the model)

Each model includes shape keys with drivers in the rig to control facial features belly, neck, and groin bulges as well as vaginal and anal spreading.

Special Features: These features are unique to each model

Bunnie Basic:

  • None

Bunnie Bikini:

  • Bikini_top (Toggle bikini top on/off)
  • Bikini_bottom (Toggle bikini bottom on/off)
  • Panty Slide (Use slider to pull panties to one side)
  • Sexy_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)
  • Red_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)
  • Black_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)
  • Blue_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)
  • Purple_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)
  • White_Bikini (Toggle bikini on/off)

Bunnie Cowgirl

  • Belt_on/off (Toggle belt on/off)
  • Bunnie_Hat (Toggle posable hat on/off)
  • Hat on/off (Toggle “hat on head” visibility on/off)
  • Jacket on/off (Toggle Jacket on/off)

Bunnie Racer:

  • Bunnie_Helmet_Mask (Toggle between the helmet and head visibility)
  • Helmet on/off (Toggle posable helmet on/off)
  • Speed_suit_Top (Toggle topcoat on/off)

Please try all possible variations for crazy combos!


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