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this amateur model, bugs are present. Do not pretend that you were not warned :)

---all characters are over 18---

About the model

The model is a parody of Velma. The idea is inspired by Okuman and Texelion's Velma models and represents an attempt to convey this in a more cartoonish style. (The latest versions mainly rely on the new cartoon version) The model itself appeared as a result of the study of topology and is a kind of Frankinstein's monster (in terms of the shape of the grid, of course).

About the rig

The basic rig is mounted on the rigifi extension. Trims extra bones for deformity of the chest and thighs.

The model has a standard rigify interface on the toolbar

Switching of clothes and body parameters is carried out through the properties of the bone on the "Root" layer.

In version 1.3, the property rig is separated into a separate object

Update (1.3)

This version is an attempt to improve the proportions and refine the rig:

  • updated main textures

  • base proportions changed.

  • clothes parts changed

  • added short stockings with a separate mesh

  • added several options for hair in the form of curves.

  • eyelash mesh integrated with body model

  • eyebrows now use the "SurfaceDeform" modifier (binding to a hidden model in the "EMPT" collection)

  • base rig changed (in this version I tried to learn how to set up "rigify" through metarig generation)

  • the property rig is separated from the main rig


I must warn you, I'm not a riggier and I'm learning "by trial and error". be careful, the rig may be is overloaded, you can edit it through the metarig to the one you need.

Update (1.2)

  • a few small adjustments to the model
  • texture of the skin now relies more on textures from Daz
  • texture of the skin is slightly lightened
  • Added shape keys to adjust the weight:
    • thin
    • overweight
  • By request, added hyperparameter for the buttocks
  • Fixed a bug (possibly) with a chin shot when tilting the body/head (if you encounter a similar let me know)

Update (1.1)

The basic model is slightly rethought:

  • The shape of the head has changed slightly. The head now uses other references, including 3d cartoon version and other.
  • The body mesh gained weight and got a little wider
  • The old version face and body is added in the form of shapekeys (may not work correctly)
  • Added shep keys for bending the arms and legs base mesh(a little)
  • Changed hair form
  • Added hair mesh (Original curves for hair editing remain)

Update (1.0)

First of all, thank you for your comments, it helps me a lot in correcting the model.

what is fixed

  • the skeleton of the skirt now works better (before that I forgot to tie the bones to the torso)
  • the bones of the abdomen are working correctly (before that, due to incorrect modifiers, they broke the mesh)
  • the bones of the buttocks are tied to the main skeleton (yes, I forgot that too :))
  • for genitals added opening shape keys

added a tentacle curve at your request, but this is not a rig model, but just a curve (which was used for the introductory image)

Known Issues

On versions earlier than 3.0, errors are possible. Most of them are related to the display of the skeleton. At the moment I do not know what could lead to such errors.


incorrect display of bones.

Thanks jpc87028 for solving the problem with displaying bones.

To fix it, try the following:

  • "Under "Bone Properties" > "Viewport Display" the size of these bones is set to 0. Manually select the bones in the outliner, set the Size to 1"

incorrect deformation of the tongue.

To fix it, try the following:

  • select rig
  • switch to edit mode
  • go to the "Face (special)"[3 layer] layer
  • check the values of the bones of the tongue: the value of "roll" is "-180"
  • similarly, check layers 29

stocking model has a material error

The long stocking model has a material error (white material).

To fix it, try the following:

  • go to materials panel and delete the second one (empty material)

brow weight painting mistakes

In version 1.3, a bug was noticed in weight painting. The "DEF-spine.003" bone affects the brow deformities, to correct this, you will need to manually erase the weights from the DEF-spine.003 group


This should help


if you notice serious errors, you can write to me in a message twitter :)


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