Injustice 2 Model Pack

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Here’s a few models I’ve been working on. (Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman)

Fast Download:

I had to split the Smutbase download into 3 parts. If you download the models from here, make sure to combine the texture folders and put it in the same directory as the models.

I made a short TTS demonstration video going over the models. It’s less than 2 minutes long, but it goes over pretty much everything you need to know about these models.

I highly recommend watching the demo video, but in case you don’t, here’s some bullet points. The models have:

  • Masks for specific and extra outfits (some outfits have masks too)
  • A wetness and wetness contrast slider
  • The SG and HQ models have some skin shader options
  • Body shape sliders
  • A ‘Pelvis Smooth’ slider which helps fix bad deformations
  • Expression shape keys
  • Nipple and genital shape keys
  • A few outfits have “Adjust” shape keys which help prevent clipping with some outfits and poses
  • Some outfits have “Nude Fit” shape keys which fit them tighter to the character
  • And a lot of the “extra” outfits have a color parameter in their properties.

The rig has:

  • IK - FK sliders
  • A ‘Hip Spine’ Property
  • Properties to orient the neck and FK arms to the root bone
  • An arm length slider
  • Genital controls
  • Foot rolls
  • A few bone layers which have hair bones, jiggle bones, and outfit bones
  • A bare face rig (Face posing is mostly supposed to be done with the expression shade keys)

And some extra info:

  • In Eevee, set the hair shape type to ‘strip’ so the eyebrows render correctly.
  • Some outfits have Cloth physics set up, but this is more so a framework for you to build off of.
  • The Choker outfit piece uses a shrinkwrap modifier and it can bug out in certain poses
  • And WW’s rig has a ‘hair lock’ parameter which makes the hair bones follow the chest.


The base body mesh is from Daz

The heads, face textures, and Injustice outfits are from NetherRealm Studios

Most of the other outfits are from various game studios like IO Interactive, Insomniac Games, Quantic Dream, Rocksteady, and Supermassive Games.

The Power Girl outfit, stockings, and Amazon dress are custom, by me. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Update: 12/14/21

  • Fixed a problem with Wonder Woman's normal maps.

Update: 3/25/22

  • Tweaked some shaders and fixed a "glowing" teeth problem in Cycles.


SmutBase is a free service. However, it costs about $0.03 to deliver you a 1GB file. With over 20TB of traffic every month and growing, SmutBase needs your help. If only 1% of our users each gave us $5 for a single month, we could keep the site running for several years.

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