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Lara Croft from Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Daz Studio Genesis 8 Female figure


NEW: MustardUI

Custom nude body based on the SOTR body mesh proportions with some creative freedom.

Wrinkle map system imitating the one from the games tied to certain expression units in the Diffeomorphic panel.

Genesis 8 and 8.1 expressions.

Head nearly 1:1 in scale and topological detail in comparison to the original ROTR/SOTR in-game model (as of v0.2)

4K ROTR head textures modified to look like how they do in SOTR (they're 2K in that game so I can't use them without losing detail)

Rigged ponytail / loose hair based on the original Purehair system from Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Doesn't have working physics for now) (currently the loose hair from older versions isn't available as I intend to rework it to a better standard)

New realistic eye models with a mix of custom and original textures that mimic the original appearance

Mask modifiers to hide parts of the main body for each outfit

Detail diffuse, specular and normal maps baked into the main texture maps according to how they look in the original games

Original Daz armature and MHX Rig system as separate files

Tactical Adventurer Default + Classic + Black


Desert Tanktop (Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Croft Fitness

Tunic of the Exiled Fox

Blue Henley (Grey Henley textures are within the asset folders, I'll provide easy means of changing the texture in the future. Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Leather Jacket (Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Kantu's Gilded Vest

Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress / Honor Guard

All available prop equipment strapped on Lara

Bunch of customization options within the MustardUI

I'll include more extra outfits in the future. Feel free to combine any from other scenes.


  • The base body has been sculpted to resemble the in-game proportions, though I've taken some creative freedom on certain areas. As of v0.20, face topology matches the original SOTR head model (Aside from a small part of the inside of the mouth corners that's impossible to fix without modifying the vertex count.)

  • Shape keys can be found at the object data properties tab as well as the Diffeomorphic morphs panels and now in MustardUI as well.

  • The hair is fully rigged with a lot of individual hair strand posing available. Textures were created with Fibershop.

  • Detail maps have been baked onto the textures to cut down performance costs and also if you want to port the model to other platforms. Textures come in .JPG or .PNG formats (everything was in jpeg format at some point, but I decided to revert to png as they're bound to lose quality after saving them enough times).

  • There are a bunch of corrective morphs, some of which are WIP and supposed to work together, but currently they do not.

I will try to rectify this in the future. I haven't added Shrinkwrap modifiers, because they flatten the topology unnaturally, so use the sculpting tool to fix any clipping issues together with the mask modifiers.

Technical information:

  • To fix any potential purple, missing textures, open up the scene and set the file path via File > External Data > Find Missing Files. If it's still not working, do so with individual folders that may hold textures of the objects that are missing them.

    • If it still doesn't work, make sure that the specified texture is properly called through the shader menu. If it for some reason isn't, search it up from the texture folders. Usually reason might be because it's called "somethingsomething.png.001" or it has changed from png to jpg or wise versa.
  • Masks and a morph for pushing breasts for clothing are available in MustardUI.

  • Turn off the cleavage morph when you're not using clothing. Breasts do not get pushed like that when there's nothing pushing them.

  • If you find that the hair or translucent areas have dark blocks all around in Cycles mode, crank up the Transparency max bounces in the Light Paths menu. This will affect the performance though. I currently don't have the model officially supporting Cycles so naturally there will be other issues with the lighting.

  • I noticed that sleeved outfits have weird deformation in the armpit areas when Preserve Volume has been turned on with armature modifier. Turn this option on and off and use the sculpt tools depending on what you're doing to eliminate clipping.

  • Objects on the head when zeroed will transform to how they were when originally I got them from the game. If you want to port items from the games and use them with my model, import the objects to the scene, then copy the location, rotation and scale data from the hair armature or any head object with the exact same data to that new object, and it will be in the exact coordinates as with the Daz Studio figure relative to the game's coordinates.

  • If you want to just use the HD lvl3 multires, use the normal maps with the slider option within MustardUI.

  • I don't want to just copy-paste the whole text here, but you can find a tutorial on Mustard's Tifa model's page about improving performance:

  • Mustard has written a tutorial here on downgrading the textures to lower resolution:

Downloadable requirements:

Latest version has been tested on Blender 3.5, though I recommend at least Blender 3.0 for it to work properly.

Diffeomorphic and MHX Rig v1.7.0:

Note that the model takes a heavy toll on performance. I've tried different means of cutting down the lag, but it is how it is.

Model takes with the current applied settings around 5GB of VRAM and less than 5GB of standard RAM.

  • 2 GHz CPU (I've got some Intel Xeon 3.2GHz CPU, so something along that should suffice at minimum. As long as it's not completely ancient.)
  • 12GB RAM (I'm not sure if 8GB is enough, but for the safe side, I'll say 12GB, even though I have 16 GB RAM.)
  • 6GB GPU, like a GTX 1060 (Note that the model takes about 2GB of VRAM when you view the scene without loading up the textures and lighting. I have a GTX 1660 currently).

Removing unwanted morphs and objects from the scene should improve performance. Textures mostly come in 4k, I will cut down the resolution in an optional package in the future, though feel free to downscale the textures according to your needs. Backup the original scene when doing major changes.

I suggest using lvl1 or lvl0 multires when posing. Lvl3 if you need something specific done.


  • Square Enix, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics for original assets from Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Me for porting the model to Daz and Blender and any additional work needed for this model.

  • M4ZTeR for extracting some game assets.

  • This thread for helping out with the wrinkle map system

  • This mod from Nexusmods for updated body mask maps


  • Clothing has odd weight painting. Not exactly a bug, but rather my lack of skills in making them properly. I've tried to improve them with every update, but there's honestly so much I can do.


Included as a text file moving forwards.

My other works on DeviantArt for Daz3D.

My Twitter


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  tr11_sotr_laracroft_custombody_rig_blender_3.5_v3.0.3.rar   433 2023-05-13 20:37:35 60.6 MB
  tr11_sotr_laracroft_custombody_norig_blender_3.5_v3.0.3.rar   140 2023-05-13 20:26:09 61.07 MB
  tr11_sotr_laracroft_custombody_textures_blender_3.5_v3.0.2_part2.rar   673 2023-05-06 14:46:51 486.44 MB
  tr11_sotr_laracroft_custombody_textures_blender_3.5_v3.0_part1.rar   2227 2022-12-18 20:16:44 689.79 MB
  tr11_sotr_lc_blender_changelog.txt   170 2023-05-13 14:18:28 5.74 KB
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