Lara Croft - Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Lara Croft from Shadow of the Tomb Raider



Tactical Adventurer Default + Classic + Black


Desert Tanktop (Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Croft Fitness

Tunic of the Exiled Fox

Blue Henley (grey henley textures are in the files, I'll provide easy means of changing texture in the future. Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Leather Jacket (Rise of the Tomb Raider extra outfit)

Kantu's Gilded Vest

Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress / Honor Guard

Ponytail / loose hair based on the original purehair system from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

All available prop equipment strapped on Lara

Mask modifiers to hide pars of the main body for each outfit

Detail diffuse, specular and normal maps baked into the main texture maps according to how they look in the original games

Wrinkle maps tied to expressions

MHX Rig system.

I'll include more extra outfits in the future. Feel free to combine any from other scenes.

  • Important: To fix any purple textures, open up the scene and set the file path via File > External Data > Find Missing Files. If it's still not working, do so with invidivual folders that may hold textures which objects with missing textures require.

  • Disable masks and also the cleavage shape key when not using clothing items.

  • If you find that the hair has dark blocks all around in Cycles mode, crank up the Transparency max bounces in the Light Paths menu. This will affect the performance though. I currently don't have the model officially supporting Cycles so there may be issues with lighting.

The base body has been shaped to resemble the in-game proportions, though I've taken some creative freedom on certain areas. I've baked extra detail via morphs to the face to compensate for lost detail in the model's topology that cannot be transferred with the projection method I've used. I've baked the level 3 HD body as normal maps and retained the lvl 1 HD body that is on in Daz3D by default.

Shape keys can be found at the object data properties tab as well as the Diffeomorphic morphs panels. I will provide easily accessible UI elements in the future. I suggest adjusting the nasolabial crease bone, the folds and laughing lines shape keys when making facial expressions if you want to recreate the SOTR shaders due to the way they are heavily emphesized in the game. I've added a custom shapekey for the original eyes from the game to control the dilation of the iris.

I've added a custom mesh hair shaped to look close to the ingame purehair system courtesy of M4ZTeR, which has been rigged. It doesn't have any physics and it's probably not the most perfect thing, but I'll see if I can make more individual strands of hair adjustable in the future. I've modified the hair in some ways than what's available in the models I've linked, such as I tried to improve the ponytail as it had way too many polys. The hair alone is pretty expensive on the performance, so I need to find some way of cleaning it without making it look bad. I will probably add more detail to the hair as well. Loose hair has not been rigged currently, as I feel that it needs some work before I add an armature to it. You can use the sculpting tools to adjust the loose hair if needed. I've also included the original eyelashes and rigged them to the Daz figure armature.

Detail maps have been baked onto the textures to cut down performance costs and also if you want to port the model to other platforms.

There are a bunch of corrective morphs, some of which are WIP and supposed to work together, but currently they do not. I will try to rectify this in the future. I haven't added shrinkwrap modifiers because they flatten the topology unnaturally, so use the sculpt tool to fix any clipping issues together with the mask modifiers.

The model is still in very much beta stage.

Model has been tested on Blender 2.93.6. It requires Diffeomorphic v1.6.0. Will update to Blender 3.0 when Diffeomorphic supports it. Install the addon first before opening the scene.

Update: As of v.0.10.8, model requires Blender 3.0 as welll as the MHX rig system to work properly. I'm not sure if 1.6.0 Diffeomorphic works properly with the new update to my model, but 1.6.1 will be supported in the future from now on out.

Diffeomorphic 1.6.1:

MHX Rig: (in the above link)

Xin's HD morphs (I'm not exactly sure if this is required if you just want to pose my model, but it doesn't hurt to install this as well in case you want to start making models yourself):

Note that the model is heavy on performance. I've tried different means of cutting down the lag, but it is still quite heavy on performance.

Model takes with the current applied settings around 5GB of VRAM and less than 5GB of standard memory. So, minimum specs:

  • 2GHz CPU (I've got some Intel Xeon 3.2GHz CPU)
  • 12GB RAM (I'm not sure if 8GB is enough, but for the safe side, I'll say 12GB, even though I have 16GB RAM)
  • 6GB GPU, like a GTX 1060 (Note that the model takes about 2GB of VRAM when you view the scene without loading up the textures and lighting).

Removing unwanted morphs and objects from the scene should improve performance. Textures mostly come in 4k, I will cut down the resolution in an optional package in the future.


  • Square Enix, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics for original assets from Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Me for port to Daz and Blender as well as additional texture work

  • M4ZTeR for model and texture groundworks


  • RIG adds values to driven JCM morphs at default rest pose.


  • 3.12.2021, v.0.10: Release version.
  • 6.12.2021, v.0.10.1: Fixed texture paths, changed all available outfit textures from PNG to JPG format to cut down file size (will convert props later), added Tactical Adventurer Black and Classic texture variants, adjusted some textures.
  • 7.12.2021, v.0.10.2/3: Adjusted textures, fixed incorrect paths, cleaned up unused textures, added bones to some props, included an HDR map (replace it if you want).
  • 8.12.2021, v. Fixed incorrect material outputs on objects, changed prop texture maps from PNG to JPG format.
  • 9.12.2021, v.0.10.4: Adjusted base mesh, corrected shapekeys (I had to revamp all of the morphs in the clothing objects as well).
  • 17.12.2021, v.0.10.5: Added 4K resolution Lara Croft's face diffuse maps from Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I modified to look as close to the Shadow textures and also applied some original texture work from the og arm models (there's some stuff which I was unable to replicate, but I'll see if I can correct that at some point), adjusted weights, optimized scene integrity.
  • 20.12.2021, v.0.10.6: Added Sinchi Chiqa - Battle Dress / Honor Guard and Kantu's Gilded vest outfits, fixed flipped normals in Tactical Adventurer outfit, adjusted hair material to work better on Cycles.
  • 4.1.2022, v.0.10.7: Added wrinkle maps to varius expression shapekeys in the Diffeomorphic menu (I will probably make them individually driven in the future), adjusted textures, adjusted the main body's topology.
  • 11.1.2022, v.0.10.8, Important: This version requires Blender 3.0!!! All previous versions have been tested on latest version of the 2.93 build so I don't guarantee they work properly on 3.0 as well. Added MHX rig to the model. Adjusted weights. Redone the entire scene from ground up due to major issues with the facial expressions. Fixed broken Daz facial expressions. Incorporated the original mouth mesh to the model and added masks to both the base model and the mouth (disable the masks if you want to use the Daz mouth).
  • 11.1.2022, v. Fixed broken shape keys.
  • 12.1.2022, v.0.10.9: Fixed more shapekeys, adjusted topology of the base model, added some 4k textures for the Desert Tanktop outfit from Rise of the Tomb Raider (they're either in 2k or 1024x1024 resolution in SOTR).

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