Rottytops - Shantae and the Seven Sirens Op version

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To enable the extra features of my models you need to install this extension (blender 2.9+):

It's basically a free to share and limited version of ARP that allows you to use the extended rig tools on the pose mode, on the tools tab.

This works for all my models that use the ARP rig!!

Finally here she is, the last Shantae Gal I'm making!

I have been delaying her since I wanted to make her body work like in the games, and that means to be able to separate the head and other limbs.

Features (READ THIS, this time is important):

-IK ARP armature some face bones for the mouth and the eyebrows

-Hair bones

-Shape keys for eyelids <-DON'T USE THE EYELID BONES TO CLOSE THEM, they are there only

-Custom and customizable toon shaders <- NEW VERSION NOW WITH DRIVERS!

-4 costumes easily swappable!

-2 Sets of hair-styles

-2 Bodies: Human and Zombie


As you can see on the renders, the zombie body has some detachable parts (head,arm and leg)

To make this work I used mask modifiers, so if you want to hide the head, for example, you have to activate the corresponding mask PLUS disable all the other visible parts on the Scene Collection.

That means, on this case, to hide the eyelashes, eyes, hair, clothes etc This is really easy to do but if you never used blender before it might be a little weird to understand. Just play around with the model.

Also, on the renders the head is separated from the body, to do that just duplicate the MainCharacter collection and disable/enable what you want to use.

Again, this is basic stuff on blender, but I know it can be confusing if you never use these features before.

Character: Rottytops

Origin: Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Format: .blend file for Blender Eevee

Original Character created by WayForward

3D Model made by banchouforte

All my stuff is handmade from the meshes to the textures. Nothing is ripped from another sources so they can be used freely anywhere as fan-work.

Click here to go to my profile for more than 50 custom made anime models!!

Also check my twitter if you want +20 more models that I'm not sharing here yet or are SFW

I also have a monthly contest with free anime commissions as prizes! Click here for more info


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