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*"What is this?"*

-It's a generic anime daz model with all body and face shapekeys (including eyes, which are textured on the body). The eyelashes and brows also have a few shapekeys. If you make severe changes to the face you're gonna need to make your own corrections to the eyelashes though. The shader is anime, thanks to The world color is pretty important, experiment with it.

*"What else can it do?"*

-It's like Daz3d. It contains 61 hairstyles of know models (Pyra, Camie, Genshin models etc) which can be easily selected from a list of the UI, it's on the properties panel under the tab "Item" (you need to select the rig). It's pretty straightforward and intuitive. Each hair has its own rig (check UI). Moreover, you can choose eyeliners, eyeshadows, types of eyes, lipstick, skin etc etc. There are also anime emotions (eyes like >< etc). The options for legs and arms length are controlled by the UI without breaking the rig since they are action based and not shapekeys. All in all you can create your custom anime model.

*"But Erza Scarlet doesn't look like this!"*

-I never said I included 61 unique models, ffs. It's build-your-own-waifu, as the title suggests. You can play with everything, choose hairs, eyes, make-up, body shape etc. That's it. I'm not a daz dev, so it may have problems and certainly could use more and easier options. But I'm happy so far.

*"What about outfits?"*

-For now there's only Nier 2b's mask. I might add more later. Some models (like Camie) have hats on their hair, you can select the hair and remove them manually, there are mask modifiers.

"I don't see any changes on viewport when I select (eg) lipstick color"

-Some changes are visible only in material or rendered view. If you hover the cursor over the UI property, a tooltip will pop up, check it out.

*"Can you add this or that?"*

-I probably won't. But you may ask.

*"The eyes don't move!"*

-The eyes' movement is visible only in material or rendered view (because the textures are actually animated since there is no eyes object).

*"The model appears broken (spine, breasts etc)"*

-Diffeomorphic addon is required, preferably 1.5, because 1.6 is still buggy. My Blender version is 2.93.5 and my diffeo version is 1.5.0 to be more specific. Just install the addon in Blender like any other addon (you don't have to install it in Daz or even have Daz, that's irrelevant).

*"The model is pink!"*

-Download the textures and keep the "Waifu_textures" folder next to the blend file. The textures are organized in sub-folders. Go to File -> External Data -> Find Missing Files and select the main folder.

*"How do I make all my changes as the base model?"*

After you finish playing with the shapekeys, click on the arrow on the right of the shapekeys and choose "new shape from mix". Then select the "basic" shapekey (the first one), select the body, go in edit mode of the body, then select all vertices and then go to Vertex -> "Blend from shape" and choose that new shape. Now set the shapekeys that you played with back to 0, because the "basic" shapekey contains all your changes, your base body is applied.

***"This is better than a game, because I can actually fix and change stuff I don't like all by myself! ***"


****DISCLAIMER: Don't you fucking create underage models. Use it for non-questionable stuff only. If you dare make anything questionable don't even mention or tag me on twitter or anywhere else, I will block you. The "questionable" hairstyles need to be used on models of legal age, do not change the base body shape accordingly. I provide the model for you to create a normal anime model, the base body suggests this. I know it's Blender and you can modify everything to anything, but that can be said for any model here, not just this one. Please and thank you.****

Bugs etc:


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Importing DAZ models into Blender
Using the Diffeomorphic DAZ Importer for Blender.