Taokaka - Blazblue - 2.1

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Taokaka - 2.0

Taokaka from Blazblue, now with a redone rig that should actually work this time instead of barely working.

I did some tests for a day and it works much better compared to the last attempt at a rig, still found some problems and fixed those, have not fully tested the fixes. Hair and tail could probably do with further tweaking. I still have some stuff to learn from modeling to rigging, hopefully do better for any future models I do.

The "weeb" variant is pretty much entirely on hold, the head is in the files, likely won't update it, was only something I quickly threw together to begin with anyways.

Taokaka - 2.1

Tweaked the model all over fixing any minor things I could find while working with it.

Uses Character UI, so change clothes through there after the script is ran; makes use of the mask properties and all there, also changed the buttons on the jackets to be vertex parented.

Tried reverse engineering some hair physics from a different model, mixed results and haven't done any real tests yet.

Changed the hair braids from damped track to curves; tail still uses damped track, might change it to a curve as well if it bothers me enough.

Trying out a Geometry Nodes setup I found in place of shrinkwrap

Roughed together a Torakaka colour variant and hair while working on an animation, including here as well.

And some other small changes I might forget, like adding some normals and specular maps.

Current issues

Buttons being Vertex Parented keeps them from stretching when moving, but has an added annoyance of needing to turn them on and off; couldn't figure out how to simply enable/disable with the jacket.

Hair physics are pretty rough, poorly implemented, its off by default since it has issues like the hair rotating at a different rate when the character itself is rotated due to poor parenting.

I put a shortcut for the shapekeys through the Character UI, but for whatever reason shapekeys do not appear with the UI script when appended, works perfectly fine in the default file however.

Cat fingers could use further tweaking I suppose.

https://felineentity.gumroad.com/l/ZmTIT - add-on to easily add outlines to your character, even works in Cycles.



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