Arch Demon Azzrim'Jizrod

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Arch Demon Azzrim'Jizrod

Do you need a character to command an army of demons? Reign over some territory in hell? Punish the extra naughty? Azzrim'Jizrod has you covered. An extremely fierce and versatile character model. A large set of body and face shapekeys for customization.

Content of the release

  • Eevee and Cycles ready
  • Lots of customization body morphs and expressions
  • 1 Set of clothing (Cultist Armor)
  • MustardUI (users can also modify it, without writing a single line of code)
  • 3 layers of multi-res detail for the highest fidelity renders


  • Blender >= 2.93.3
  • Diffeomorphic add-on
  • rough minimum PC requirements (it is fairly heavy, especially on material preview): GPU >= 4GB VRAM (probably something near a geforce 1060, which I tested on), RAM > 12Gb, CPU with >= 2.8GHz 6+ cores

Notes Still an early release, some things might be broken or not working quite right, so please report them. Also please, report any bug you find in the MustardUI or Diffeomorphic addon. It is fast changing software, so there might be bugs, and helping to track them down is greatly appreciated!

Be aware that this is a resource intensive model. I would not call it low-poly. With the armor + body + all the morphs and shapekeys, it is quite heavy. It was built to be a "cinematic" model. I tried to delete as much useless stuff as possible to give you the cleanest version, but the large amount of correctives/poses/shapes/textures can consume a lot of resources, especially on old PCs. Unfortunately this is a combined problem of how Blender manages shape keys/drivers, and how they are stored and called by the Diffeomorphic addon (which again, should be installed!). If you experience any slowdown, I would suggest you try to delete the Morphs you don't use after you set up your preferred body shape, as well as the expressions you don't use. To do this, open the DAZ Import tab (press N in Viewport, selecting the armature), go in the Advanced Setup -> Morphs -> Remove Custom Morphs. Select all the morphs except the ones needed, and this will immediately boost the viewport FPS. Note that the morphs will be permanently removed from the model.


Watch the included video on how to toggle things in mustardUI and use the custom morphs in Diffeomorphic.

Install the add-on Diffeomorphic ( Version 1.5.1c or above should be fine. You don't need to set Diffeomorphic settings up if you don't want to but it is required that it be installed. Things will probably be funky without it. Use the body and custom morphs in Diffeomorphic to modify the body. With the body mesh selected, in the import daz (Diffeomorphic) addon tab, under custom morphs, there are several. Do not delete drivers unless you know what you are doing! Doing that might break functionalities. Most of the shapekeys/morphs/expressions are controlled in the custom morphs section of the diffeomorphic addon. for Eevee users, enable Screen Space Reflections, and inside that panel also enable Refraction and disable Half Res Trace. Failing to do this might create artifacts in the eyes rendering. I also highly suggest to enable Ambient Occlusion. for Cycles users, in the Light Paths panel, increase the number of Transparency Max Bounces to 16 or higher. Failing to do this might create artifacts in the hair rendering. If you have any problem try to check Instructions or the FAQ. If you can't find the solution to your problem, or you would like to report a bug, you can contact me (contacts at the end).

The rig layers and outfits can be toggled via the MustardUI. The skin colors and other body material properties can be edited with via sliders in MustardUI.

To access the mustardUI panel, make sure that the main armature is selected as active object.

To access the diffeomorphic morphs, make sure that the body mesh is selected as the active object.

The rig is the diffeomorphic rig. If you would like something else, use diffeomorphic's rig conversion features (MHX or Rigify) under "Rigging" with the rig selected as active.

To remove the seam between his genitals and the rest of his body, merge them. Select genitals, then select body mesh (so body is active selected) and in diffeomorphic go to finishing -> merge geografts All morphs will continue to function, but the genitals will no longer be hideable the same way.

Final Notes

Please, if you find any bugs, have feed back for improvements, message me on Discord: coderestricted#8083


Big thanks go to Mustard ( the awesome UI tools and help!

Big thanks to Thomas Larsson and the Diffeomorphic developers It is an awesome tool!


Follow me on DA to see updates on my latest projects

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord for inquiries on questions, suggestions, or collaborations.


If you appreciate my work and would like to support me I have a fund on tallycoin Or you can donate to me directly if you prefer

BTC 1LfEUB67D9CPR1up5mzHA4zCzDQfwWwsn9

ETH 0x6342eA61Fe5e05eA9Bc1A612E42bB33294ba7B29

XMR 433814bydMUVaACBVW9vym5xdq3jFxknybLpQXY4kftFZJEqdh3L4zRiKsnYK4DZdhSMrWAD41f71e92fH2zhQekHFP5Tpf

ADA addr1qx36majhnr0mfuwg7q50mfrcd6uvy6tu8xqpgphqrsm9gqudcgnhda7r98u5vt5577dth658prqp8xv3pracndldc29sn6c7hn


  • Improve the dirt and wetness maps for the neck so they seamlessly blend with the head + body.
  • Set up transfer shapekeys for all armor/costume pieces.


Version 1 (10/4/2021) - first public release


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