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PLEASE READ description:

Mia Winters...

Requirements for Proper Model Behavior:

Outfits & Hair: She comes with 8 outfits to choose from. May add more in the future. Mia's Default outfit is functional and provides shapekeys to open blouse and open blouse fully. If you decide to only use cardigan there is a shapekey to fit her nude body more accurately. Do keep in mind that it is functional but not perfect. There will be weight issues that I will address soon. All of her additional outfits should work just fine. The model also includes shapekeys for almost each outfit. There are two hairstyles to utilize one which has shapekeys that manipulate the hair in a lot of different ways.

Mia Model: Has a lot of morphing features. Emotion morphs, posing morphs and drivers. Next update I will try to include body morphs.

RIG: There are custom bones that control all portions of the breast and glutes. There is also a displacement bone to utilize for impact on the glute area. The default hair has been re-rigged but works fine. This will be improved upon next release along with rig for the lower portion of her cardigan. I would recommend using shapekeys until then. There are also genital bone controllers as well as shape keys to gain realistic manipulations.

Performance: The model looks best in cycles but with basic settings looks pretty nice in Eevee as well. A few things that will help speed up performance and viewport:

  • Make sure sub surf modifiers are off on both hair models
  • Disable external morphs in the UI
  • If you are working with just one outfit make sure to disable all other outfits in the viewport. The UI will hide them but double check to make sure all other items that are not in use are hidden from the viewport.
  • Turn off displacement in the modifiers tab. Make sure to disable the vertex weight modifiers, the displace, and corrective smooth modifier if you are not going to use them.
  • If you want faster speeds with Version 3, Append the outfit for your project in a separate blend file. Or shape the body with the shape key morphs and convert it into one shape and delete the shape keys on the out fits to weigh the file down less.

Masks: Do remember to turn off according mask in the modifiers panel if you will utilize open blouse or raised shirts shapekeys. Also recommend using turning on subsurf for those shapekeys. You will need to manually enable the mask for the stockings if you will be utilizing the Pumps (Heels). Will add a driver soon.

Update: Version 5 (Updated Body's Mask Modifier Black Artifacts. Updated shaders so they would not produce the black artifacts when masks are enabled.The site's uploader is currently down so here is a link to the fix. https://mega.nz/folder/ztl0VIDI#xbPFg7vBy1DoRjpmjK8s5Q

Update: Version 6 Textures have been updated. Reported missing textures fixed.

Update: Version 6 (No texture changes, updated Weights to fix blouse and pants not following rig and body).

Update: Version 5 (No Texture changes, updated Pants shapekeys and blouse mask modifier).

Update: Version 4 (Updated textures included all in one download)

  • Added Mia Default RE7 Outfit

  • Fixed Minor issues

  • Added Drivers for Stocking and Heels Masks

  • Decreased some of the textures file size without sacrificing quality to hopefully help blender run a bit smoother.

Also since for some reason it still didn't save the parenting fix, please parent Main Stomach Jiggle bone to hip and then parent the upper, lower, left and right jiggle bone to the main bone. That will fix the stomach Jiggles. A simple fix. No need to upload a fix and download new files.

Update: Version 3 (Highly recommend downloading this version, no need to re-download textures, only the quick fix if you haven't already).

  • Added body morphs for body and all outfits.

  • Fixed Stomach parenting issues

Update: Texture Quick Fix

  • Added textures fixes Mia's shoes and wedding ring on the default outfit. The textures were missing. This fix is a small download so it will not take a long time. Please just copy and paste into your original Mia Winters textures folder.

Update: version 2

  • Fixed Eevee eyelash issue, eyelashes would not be visible from certain angles

  • Fixed Eevee skin shader, vein texture misbehaving, so I turned it off. A full fix for it in due time.

  • Added Brighter Iris and Sclera texture for cycles. Eyes were a bit dark. ONLY REPLACE IRIS AND SCLERA TEXTURES WITH THE ACCORDING NEW EYE TEXTURES. In the node section make sure you only change Mia Winters - Eye Diffuse node. Note the textures only need to be downloaded if you are not happy with the current brightness level of the eyes.


Shout out to Mustard for the amazing UI: https://twitter.com/MustardSFM

Mother Miranda will be uploaded in due time...


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  mia_winters_public_release_V6_Textures_Update.rar   2383 2022-01-22 09:43:30 289.6 MB
File contents:
  mia_winters_public_release_V6.rar   2140 2021-12-18 23:20:36 110.74 MB
File contents:
  mia_winters_public_release_V5_Hk2ZFFd.rar   732 2021-12-17 17:24:16 111.0 MB
File contents:
  Body_Mask_Modifiers_Black_Artifact_Fix.rar   820 2021-11-18 01:16:00 158.95 KB
File contents:
  Mia_Winters_Public_Release_V4.rar   1524 2021-10-10 09:08:10 371.23 MB
File contents:
  Textures_Quick_Fix.rar   1432 2021-09-22 16:29:44 19.4 MB
File contents:
  mia_winters_public_release_V3.rar   976 2021-09-22 22:49:43 197.58 MB
File contents:
  Textures_V2.rar   1293 2021-09-21 22:11:11 200.93 MB
File contents:
  mia_winters_public_release_final_V2.rar   758 2021-09-21 22:11:03 81.19 MB
File contents:
  Textures_xURxlD6.rar   1054 2021-09-20 07:57:29 194.86 MB
File contents:
  Mia_Winters_Public_Release.rar   1015 2021-09-20 07:57:20 163.67 MB
File contents:
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