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Sandwichmoth's Miss Fortune public release v1.1

NOTE: 1.1 ONWARDS ONLY WORKS WITH BLENDER 3.0+ (original release is 2.9x compatible)


Outfits are designed around using the 'cleavage' shapekey on the body to make the breasts fit. Most stuff is tuned for a value of 0.4.

Outfit rigging isn't super refined since I don't use the full outfits much. Lots of outfit parts have fit shapekeys for poses where they don't line up otherwise.

There are cloth-based jiggle physics, enable the mesh deform modifiers on the body to use them. None of the colliders are enabled by default for performance.

Hair also uses cloth physics, attached directly to the mesh. The lines connecting bits of the mesh are there to make physics play better.

Arbitrary bones are just that- they don't do anything by default. I use them in animations to anchor props and stuff on a per-animation basis.

Default hair is part of the main armature, but the ruined hair isn't.

Uses parts from:
Mustard & Setarcos04- original body rig/model/textures https://smutba.se/project/29810/
DrDabblur, zixh10, vinny_arts- tongue https://smutba.se/project/564/
gifdoozer- mouth internals https://smutba.se/project/30780/

(also thanks to https://twitter.com/ArawAraw14 for help testing)

Let me know if you recognize your work and I forgot to credit you, this originally started as a private model made over a year ago, and I haven't fully been keeping track.

my twitter

Updates: NOTE: 1.1 ONWARDS ONLY WORKS WITH BLENDER 3.0+ (original release is 2.9x compatible)

Added Bewitching Miss Fortune outfit
-uses base hair model/armature
-cleavage shapekey value 0.8 to fit dress
-added 'cleaveMiddleFix' shapekey that improves how breasts squish together at higher cleavage values (set to 0 when not using cleavage)

Added Lunar Beast Miss Fortune outfit
-uses different eyes and face, default body
-separate hair model/armature
-cleavage shapekey value 0.4 to fit top
-included the valorant vandal recolor used in some preview screenshots
-original weapon mesh is included, not rigged
-cloth physics included on jacket as well as hair (jacket physics disabled by default)

Slight body geometry improvements (wrists, lower ribcage area slight tweaks)

Improved rigging on ruined outfit

Darkened eye pupils slightly

Added blue eyes for default fortune (hidden by default)- this is one of those things that's pretty inconsistent between official depictions, but the most recent stuff (Ruined King) makes her eyes much more blue than green, so here's a premade option for that.

Added Captain outfit (mix of Ruined King and Wild Rift's captain skin with a bit of custom sculpting)
-hair from Ruined King game
-ponytail automatically follows a "HeadHairCurve" bezier curve
no coat yet, I'll rig it eventually, I swear

Added some Christmas-y accessories (based on doa stuff)
-santa hat
-top chest wrap

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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  fortune_public_v1_3.7z   1023 2021-12-23 09:24:30 277.81 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_2.7z   1158 2021-11-28 04:59:51 242.22 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_1.7z   1620 2021-10-30 07:56:57 204.84 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1.7z   2181 2021-09-09 05:17:44 205.24 MB
File contents:
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