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Sandwichmoth's Miss Fortune public release v1.1

NOTE: 1.1 ONWARDS ONLY WORKS WITH BLENDER 3.0+ (original release is 2.9x compatible)


Outfits are designed around using the 'cleavage' shapekey on the body to make the breasts fit. Most stuff is tuned for a value of 0.4.

Outfit rigging isn't super refined since I don't use the full outfits much. Lots of outfit parts have fit shapekeys for poses where they don't line up otherwise.

There are cloth-based jiggle physics, enable the mesh deform modifiers on the body to use them. None of the colliders are enabled by default for performance.

Hair also uses cloth physics, attached directly to the mesh. The lines connecting bits of the mesh are there to make physics play better.

Arbitrary bones are just that- they don't do anything by default. I use them in animations to anchor props and stuff on a per-animation basis.

Default hair is part of the main armature, but the ruined hair isn't.

Uses parts from:
Mustard & Setarcos04- original body rig/model/textures https://smutba.se/project/29810/
DrDabblur, zixh10, vinny_arts- tongue https://smutba.se/project/564/
gifdoozer- mouth internals https://smutba.se/project/30780/

(also thanks to https://twitter.com/ArawAraw14 for help testing)

Let me know if you recognize your work and I forgot to credit you, this originally started as a private model made over a year ago, and I haven't fully been keeping track.

my twitter

Updates: NOTE: 1.1 ONWARDS ONLY WORKS WITH BLENDER 3.0+ (original release is 2.9x compatible)

Added Bewitching Miss Fortune outfit
-uses base hair model/armature
-cleavage shapekey value 0.8 to fit dress
-added 'cleaveMiddleFix' shapekey that improves how breasts squish together at higher cleavage values (set to 0 when not using cleavage)

Added Lunar Beast Miss Fortune outfit
-uses different eyes and face, default body
-separate hair model/armature
-cleavage shapekey value 0.4 to fit top
-included the valorant vandal recolor used in some preview screenshots
-original weapon mesh is included, not rigged
-cloth physics included on jacket as well as hair (jacket physics disabled by default)

Slight body geometry improvements (wrists, lower ribcage area slight tweaks)

Improved rigging on ruined outfit

Darkened eye pupils slightly

Added blue eyes for default fortune (hidden by default)- this is one of those things that's pretty inconsistent between official depictions, but the most recent stuff (Ruined King) makes her eyes much more blue than green, so here's a premade option for that.

Added Captain outfit (mix of Ruined King and Wild Rift's captain skin with a bit of custom sculpting)
-hair from Ruined King game
-ponytail automatically follows a "HeadHairCurve" bezier curve
no coat yet, I'll rig it eventually, I swear

Added some Christmas-y accessories (based on doa stuff)
-santa hat
-top chest wrap

Fixed broken material on default hair (no idea how that happened since bewitching hair didn't break, and that's just a color-shifted version of it).

Note that this release was made with blender 3.1. Should be backwards compatible, but no promises.

Added Battle Bunny outfit

More jiggle physics
-stomach jiggle physics deform cage
-experimental butt ripple plane (bound to the bone called 'ripplectrl')

Ruined outfit new version
-new version of complete outfit with pants (old stuff is still there too)
-adjusted ruined eye to have a slight intensity gradient rather than flat glow
-tweaks to gun materials (closer to ingame appearance)

Fixed back of head interaction with Battle Bunny hair

Mechanized Miss Fortune skin added, based on Gifdoozer's 2B.
-Hair is from Resistance skin
-enable subdivide modifier on the marked body part to improve lighting/reflection quality

Added shirt option to default Miss Fortune outfits, similar to what she wears in some cinematics.

Added animated vfx to Ruined outfit, you may need to do file->external data->find missing files on the included fire vfx folder for the animation to work properly.

CAPTAIN OUTFIT SHOWS AS COMPLETELY BLACK- TO FIX, REMOVE THE ALPHA INPUT IN ITS MATERIAL (it's an opaque material anyway, not sure why this breaks the material, will fix next update)

Made with blender 3.4.1- won't be backwards compatible because of how they changed shader nodes (unless you want to manually go fix every mix node I use).

Base model:
-added shapekey for larger breasts if you want to go crazy with that o_o
-remember that the earrings hide shapekey on the head

Added custom HD hair based on Battle Bunny -two versions; one with the default coloring and one Lunar New Year-themed dark/gold/red ver.
(back is from an existing Seraphine hair; front was made from scratch by me)

Added firecacker vayne dress
(fits with the alt bb hair)

Added rigged coat for captain outfit

Fixed IK/FK switches on arms and legs (use the "ik_fk_switch" property attached to the hand/foot ik targets)


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  fortune_public_v1_6.7z   1802 2023-02-10 14:36:46 424.93 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_5.7z   2580 2022-08-03 09:59:28 355.02 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_5.zip   589 2022-08-03 09:34:01 691.72 MB
  fortune_public_v1_4_1.7z   2265 2022-04-19 12:43:20 284.36 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_4.7z   757 2022-04-18 10:24:56 284.44 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_3_1.7z   1349 2022-02-17 11:35:09 277.83 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_3.7z   1812 2021-12-23 09:24:30 277.81 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_2.7z   1599 2021-11-28 04:59:51 242.22 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1_1.7z   2046 2021-10-30 07:56:57 204.84 MB
File contents:
  fortune_public_v1.7z   2752 2021-09-09 05:17:44 205.24 MB
File contents:
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Importing Unreal Maps was never this easy. Also, did you know that some games need a new special version of UE viewer to unpack properly?

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